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The Gundams come up with a plan

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-Deathscythe stood before Hero after giving his report Shadow was still being repaired and Shenlong had other duties so it fell to him to speak with Hero about the strange occurrence and to make a very shocking suggestion.
-"Do you realize what you are saying?" Hero asked. "You want us to attack our own people?"
-"I know how this sounds," Deathscythe explained. "But when Shenlong and I attacked them the two that were fighting each other stood back to back, they even defended each other against us."
-"That's because you were attacking both of them." Hero cut in.
-"Exactly," Deathscythe continued. "Two enemies mobile suited against a common foe. Look, its time to face facts, our brothers will never make peace with each other on their own. They need some help in settling their differences and this seems to be the best solution. We have let them fight each other long enough. Besides we all heard Shadow, the Legos are up to something and now that they have been spotted they will push up their timetable, we must act quickly. We simply rough up our brothers enough to get them to join forces against us. Then we call a truce when the Legos make their move and we fight as one, two enemies against a common foe."
-" make a very strong argument Deathscythe," Hero conceded. "Still I don't like the thought of fighting our brothers. However, if you can recruit enough of us that are willing you have my permission to proceed. I only do this because of Shadow's Intel and the ominous placing of the Lego base. I can't help but admire the cleverness of putting their base in a place we won't dare risk attacking. I truly hope your plan works Deathscythe."
-"So do I." Deathscythe said with relief.
-"Might I make a suggestion?" A voice asked from the darkness. Hero and Deathscythe both turned to see Master step out of the shadows.
-Master was a G Gundam; they were far more agile than any other mobile suit and focused mainly on close quarters combat. The Zeos and Fedies were soldiers but the G Gundams were warriors.
-Master had a cloak like armor that wrapped around him. In times of battle it folded back into wings but it was rarely necessary for him to fight. His head had two protrusions going back and to the sides that looked like fox ears. His cloak armor was red with yellow streaks but his body armor was primarily black and dark grey.
-"Master," Hero said. "I did not see you there, by all means suggest away."
-"Thank you," Master said. "For this plan of yours, why don't you use the G Gundams, I will be happy to lead them. I doubt they would have as much reserve about fighting our brothers as the others and they could use the practice." Hero and Deathscythe looked at each other with surprise. It was an unexpected request.
-"Hmm...very well we shall leave this matter in your hands," Hero said. "It will leave me free to pursue other interests, thank you Master."
-"Think nothing of it," Master said. "My men have been getting restless. This should solve both our problems." Master walked away and Hero and Deathscythe look at each other with puzzlement.
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