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Destiny gives his report but Nuke doesn't beleive him

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-Destiny watched as the two GMs that had been with him were brought in. They were damaged but salvageable. As for Destiny, he had only minor injuries to his frame.
-The Fedies had set up their old parameter and were now ready to repel an enemy attack. The battle lines had returned to normal, for the most part. Both sides owned a third of the bed with the middle being contested ground but now the Zeos had a fall back position under the bed and that had Gcannon worried. But not as worried as what Destiny had told him.
-"Well," Gcannon said with a sigh. "I don't like the sound of that at all, we have our hands full with the Zeos, and only an idiot fights a war on two fronts." He looked out past the bed wondering who this new enemy was.
-"True," Destiny said. "But the ones that attacked me also attacked the Zeos, I don't think they are allies, what I don't understand is that those two could have taken me and the girl out with little difficulty but they didn't. They seemed to be after something and once they had it they simply left."
-"In that case let's hope their interest in us ended with that encounter," Gcannon said. "Otherwise things are going to get very complicated around here." Gcannon walked away to face the wrath of their commander.
-He approached Nuke and waited for him to finish with a report he was looking at, no doubt the battle report. When he was finished he looked at Gcannon and then looked away, to show his indifference to the general. He knew that such disrespect annoyed Gcannon but his arrogance couldn't be helped.
-"You know Gcannon," Nuke said. "I was very pleased when you took that territory the other day. Then you have to go and screw up so completely that I am tempted to have you demoted to running patrols!" Gcannon didn't bother to argue and he sure as hell wasn't going beg. He simply stood at attention and waited until Nuke was done venting.
-"Do you have anything to say in your defense?" Nuke asked, irritated at Gcannon's lack of reaction.
-"One of our patrols encountered unknown mobile suits with considerable power that appeared neither Fedy nor Zeo," Gcannon said. "I recommend we look into this further. As far as the bed goes, I'll handle it as I always do, sir." Nuke shook his head with frustration.
-"Yes I heard about these so called super warriors," nuke said with disgust. "Don't you think it's possible that Destiny made up that story to cover up his failure? He lost two GMs and didn't bring back a single enemy to interrogate."
-"Sir," Gcannon said. "Destiny has never lied to me. If he says he was attacked by an unknown force, then he was attacked by an unknown force. It would be foolish to ignore this." Nuke dismissed Gcannon with a wave of his hand. He clearly had no interest in the general's opinion on the matter.
-"You will focus all of our resources on taking back the bed and not give another thought to this whimsical story," Nuke ordered. "Is that clear?" Gcannon saluted.
-"Yes sir."
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