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Lea reports to Zeong and Kampher learns of the situation between her and Destiny

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-Lea walked past her comrades as they set up the defenses of their reacquired territory. She could see Kampher and Gouf directing the activity but she had no time to talk to them. She had to report what had happened to Zeong.
-"You expect me to believe that?" Zeong asked angrily. "Two mystery mobile suits that are neither Fedy nor Zeo attacked both your squad and the Fedies only to walk away when you were helpless? Do you take me for a fool? There are no other mobile suits aside from the ones fighting in this war; you just want to make up an excuse for walking right into an ambush! Now go stand watch, I hope that that isn't too difficult for you." Lea lowered her head and walked out.
-She went to her station and began to help prepare for the next battle. She was so frustrated she hardly noticed when Kampher came up to her. He had seen her go to speak with Zeong and had listened in.
- "Don't worry about him," Kampher said. "I believe you, as much as I hate to. But from what you tell me it seems that these new players in our little game are not choosing sides just yet, but something else is bothering you, what is it?" Lea was hesitant to answer that question but she had never withheld anything from him.
-"The Fedy mobile suit," she said. "He challenged me to a dual to settle our last meeting but then he defended me without a second thought. Are these the people we have been fighting so hard against?"
-"The truth in war is that there are good and bad people on both sides," Kampher said. "It's sad when war forces us to kill each other over our differing opinions but our leaders just can't get along. Perhaps it's foolish but I have been a soldier far too long to live any other way. Perhaps someday it will be you who finally brings this conflict to an end."
-"I can't get him out of my head," she said. "The way he walked up to me without fear, and the way he stopped that enemy from attacking me, it was like he didn't see me as a threat at all."
-"I guess he just saw them as a larger threat," Kampher said. "Why don't you get some rest, I have things to take care of for the battle tomorrow." Lea nodded and walked away to recharge while Kampher walked over to Gouf who was checking equipment.
-"I want you to test some one for me tomorrow," Kampher said. Gouf looked up at him for a moment and then went back to work. "Is that so," Gouf said. "Who do you have in mind?"
-"The Fedy unit that attacked Lea the other day," Kampher answered. "I think she is taken with him." Gouf looked up again but this time he left his work alone to think. "Really," he said. "Well then we'll just have to see if he is good enough for her then wont we...I'll take care of it." Kampher nodded and walked away, as Gouf went back to work. He trusted Gouf to handle the situation leaving him free to worry about other matters.
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