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Gouf fights Destiny to see what he is made of

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-The Zeos and Fedies were engaged in battle yet again. Lea fought alongside Kampher while Destiny was holding the far right flank. Gcannon was in the rear with the Guntank and Guncannon giving support fire with artillery. As always the two sides were at a stalemate.
-Kampher looked over to Gouf who was laying down fire with his Gatling gun. Kampher pointed at Destiny and Gouf nodded and fell back. The fighting continued in his absence until he reappeared ridding a mobile suit carrier.
-Kampher ordered covering fire and all Zeo mobile suits opened fire as Gouf dove in low. He fired a grappling hook from his right wrist that wrapped around Destiny's right arm and as he flew by Gouf yanked Destiny into the air and carried him off of the battlefield. Gcannon tried to help but he was pinned down by enemy fire, there was nothing he could do.
-Destiny tried in vain to shoot at Gouf while he was being carried helplessly through the air. They approached the clothes mountain and Gouf made a sharp turn and one good swing to send Destiny flying through the air. Gouf released the cable and Destiny slammed right through the cave wall and landed in a cavern. Gouf hopped off of the carrier and dropped through the hole where Destiny was laying. Destiny picked himself up to faced his kidnapper.
-"Well then lad," Gouf said. "Lets to see what you're made of." Gouf raised his Gatling gun and began to fire. Destiny raised his shield in time to block the incoming fire but Gouf quickly stopped firing and rushed towards Destiny shoulder tackling him through a wall.
-Destiny quickly got up and aimed his weapon at the hole where he came through expecting Gouf to follow but Gouf slammed through the wall further down. Destiny jumped into the air and turned with his shield raised to block the bullets that were already on their way. Was about to return fire but he flew too high and hit the ceiling.
-Destiny fell and hit the ground hard but he picked himself up quickly and fired his weapon at Gouf. Gouf's grappling hook shot out and wrapped around Destiny's weapon. With one strong whip the weapon was pulled out of Destiny's hand and sent flying away.
-Gouf rushed up to Destiny and pointed his Gatling gun right at his head. Destiny knocked it away with his shield and cut the barrel off with a swipe of his beam saber. He made another swipe at Gouf but the Zeo jumped back.
-Gouf looked at his damaged weapon and ejected what remained of the Gatling gun from his shield. He reached inside his shield and Destiny watched with dread as Gouf slowly pulled out a large heat sword. Gouf activated the weapon and the blade began to glow red hot.
-"Now things are getting interesting," Gouf said. The two of them charge at each other and they swung their swords from the right at the same time. When the blades struck each other Gouf shifted his weight and shoulder tackled Destiny again.
-Destiny rolled backward and tried to get up but Gouf fired his grappling hook at the ceiling and swung toward Destiny, kicking him backwards. Destiny was knocked on his back and Gouf landed a little past him but as he turned Destiny looked up and fired his head vulcans.
-Gouf covered his main camera with his shield and Destiny rushed at him with his sword raised high. When Destiny swung down Gouf spun out of the way and Destiny was thrown off balance. Gouf spun all the way around and struck Destiny in the back of the head with the pummel of his sword.
-Destiny fell forward and Gouf leapt away again. When Destiny got to his feet Gouf threw his heat sword at him. Destiny dodged it but it was an unexpected move. When he looked back at Gouf the Zeo's shield popped off revealing a three barreled machine gun attached to his arm.
-Destiny shielded himself but Gouf hooked the shield with his grapple and yanked it away, however Destiny managed to pull out his blaster pistol and fired at Gouf's left arm. Gouf fired at Destiny's right hand and the two of them disarmed each other.
-The two of them stood facing each other, Destiny was exhausted and out of ideas. He knew how hard it was to take out a mobile suit with hand to hand combat and he didn't want to try it against this guy. Suddenly Gouf started laughing out loud.
-"Very impressive boy," Gouf said happily. "The list of people who can hold their own against me is a short one indeed but it seems you have just been added to it. And don't bother using your vulcans on me; we both know it wouldn't be enough so I guess this round is a draw."
-"Why did you do this," Destiny asked sounding cross. "Was there some point to this fight?" Gouf fired his grappling hook at his sword and it magnetically attached to the hilt. One good pull and it flew through the air and found its way into Gouf's hand. Destiny expected an attack but Gouf deactivated the heat sword.
-"Not one that you need to know about," Gouf said. Destiny was about to protest when they both received a priority message to return. Destiny didn't want to turn his back on Gouf but the Zeo showed no signs of wanting to continue to fight. He left the way he entered and Gouf sighed and did the same shortly after the Fedy had left.
-"Maybe he is the one after all."
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