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the G gundams attack both the Zeos and the Fedies and Kampher and Gcannon take a beating

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-On the bed the battle raged on without Destiny or Gouf. The two sides found themselves at a standstill. Gcannon's mind was preoccupied with what had happened to Destiny but he hadn't let it affect his judgment.
-In the middle of the battle two unknown mobile suits flew in and landed in the center of the contested ground and stood back to back. All firing ceased as the two sides stopped to look at the newcomers.
-Master stood facing the Zeos while Zeus stood facing the Fedies. Zeus was second in command of the G Gundams. He was large with bird like wings on his back. His armor was highlighted heavily with gold and red over white. He had a crown and a red beard as well as a large sword in a scabbard that he wore on his left hip.
-Master's cape opened up and folded into large red wings while Zeus' wings spread open and the two warriors charged their respective targets. Zeus drew his sword and cut the heads off of two GMs with his initial strike while Master's arm extended and his clawed hand began to glow red with heat. Master's hand ripped through a Zaku's chest like it was nothing and Master casually tossed aside the fallen foe.
-Both sides erupted into chaos as more G Gundams attacked from all sides. Gcannon realized that the battle was now pointless. He called for a retreat and radioed Destiny.
-"Kid," Gcannon said desperately trying to reach the young soldier. "I don't know if you can hear me but if you can get back head to the fallback position, the battle is lost!"
-He began to fall back with his men but the G Gundams were pursuing them. Gcannon decided to make them think twice about that and charges for Zeus. At the same time Kampher also ordered a retreat and sent the order to return to Gouf.
-As Kampher started to pull back master attacked him. Master grabbed Kampher by the head and slammed him into the ground. He then picked the helpless general up and slammed him into a mega block wall.
-Master moved in close thinking that Kampher was out for the count but the Zeo reached behind his back and pulled out his spare shotgun. He quickly slipped it under Master's chin and pulled the trigger. The blast knocked the G Gundam flat on his back and Kampher was released.
-"This old dog still knows some tricks," Kampher said trying to shake the damage. His main camera was badly cracked and some of his internal systems had been damaged. He didn't realize it but Master's hand print had been burned onto his face.
-Gcannon shot Zeus' sword out of his hand but Zeus rushed forward and pulls away Gcannon's weapon. Gcannon struck with his shield and caught Zeus at the shoulder and pinned him up against a mega block wall.
-For a moment Gcannon thought he had this unknown foe but Zeus grabbed Gcannon's shield and ripped it away. He then grabbed Gcannon's arm and swung him into a wall. The g Gundam's strength was overwhelming.
-Destiny arrived on the battlefield and stood in shock. Both the Zeos and the Fedies were in full retreat under the assault of mobile suits that he had never seen before. They were slaughtering his allies and enemies alike with ease.
-Destiny snapped out of his surprise when he saw his general under attack. He rushes at Zeus with his beam saber ready but Zeus dodged the attack and grabbed him by the foot. Zeus swung destiny around and threw him through a mega block wall.
-"What am I a wrecking ball?" Destiny asked with frustration. After the beating he had taken at the hands of Gouf he was too worn out to get back up. He looked up to see Zeus pick up his sword and walk over to him with it held high. The giant mobile suit stood over Destiny and prepared to bring the blade down to meet the helpless Fedy.
-Gcannon saw what was happening and pulled out his beam saber from the back of his left wrist. The large boosters on his back fired up and he dashed as fast as he could to save his young companion. His beam saber stopped the G Gundams sword just in time as it came down on Destiny.
-"Don't push your luck!" Gcannon said defiantly. Zeus backhanded Gcannon with his free hand and with an impressive display of power sent the heavily armored Fedy general flying through the air.
-Gcannon slammed into a mega block wall and fell to the ground limp. Zeus slowly walked over to the fallen soldier and poked him with the tip of his sword. When the general did not move Zeus raised his sword to finish the job when Gcannon came to life and pointed both of his shoulder cannons at the G Gundam.
-"Surprise!" Gcannon yelled as he fired both cannons at point blank range. The blast hit Zeus square in the chest and sent him flying backwards. Destiny limped over to his father and the two of them carried each other to meet their comrades.
-While their backs were turned Zeus stood up, there were two large smoking dents in his chest but he still raised his sword to finish off the two Fedies. When he was almost to them a shot hit him from behind and he finally went down.
-Destiny and Gcannon turned to see Lea standing across the battlefield with her riffle raised and smoke leaving the barrel. She and Destiny stared at each other for a moment before she lowered her weapon and assisted Kampher. Destiny also turned to help Gcannon and the remaining G Gundams retreated, taking their wounded with them.
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