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Gouf and Kampher come up with a treacherous plan

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-The Zeo forces were in shambles. Several of the soldiers were severely damaged. Kampher walked among his troops with a heavy heart as he headed to speak with Zeong. When he arrived he found Gouf was already waiting.
-"Fools!" Zeong yelled. "How could you be so incompetent? No one told you to order a retreat. And you, where on earth were you during the battle? I want an explanation."
-"Sir I ordered him to engage the Fedy mobile suit that Lea had been having trouble with," Kampher said. "It was my hope to remove a possible distraction and to confuse the enemy. When unknown forces attacked us there was no way to win." It was a weak explanation but Zeong wasn't that bright.
-"What are you talking about?" Zeong asked. "They were attacking the Fedies as well. You should have just sat back and let them fight it out. And if your daughter is having a problem with a Fedy mobile suit I can fix that in a big hurry. As of now she is transferred to the reserve forces. That should take care of the problem don't you agree? Now I want you to muster our forces and attack the Fedy base tonight. I trust you can handle them now that they have been weakened. Now get out of my sight!"
-Gouf and Kampher walked away with frustration. "What a fool," Gouf spat. "If you hadn't called the retreat we would have suffered heavy losses for no reason."
-"Yes," Kampher agreed. "And attacking the Fedies will only lead to another stale mate since they didn't take any more damage than we did. But orders are orders. By the way how did our young friend do? I saw him on the battlefield."
-"Ah him," Gouf said pleased by the change in topic. "Not too bad I must say. He may actually be worthy of Lea but we both know that can't happen while this war goes on."
-"True enough," Kampher agreed. "Although ever since the battle I have had an idea floating around in my head. Lea made me think of it when she mentioned the Fedy defending her in their first encounter with these new players in our little game."
-"I can't say I like where this is going," Gouf said. "But I guess the war has to end somehow. Still Zeong will never go for it."
-"I doubt the Fedy commander would either" Kampher said. "As long as those two are around this war will never end. They are just too used to hating each other to live any other way."
-"Now I know I don't like where this is going," Gouf said. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"
-"Gouf my friend," Kampher said. "We are going to get our commander and the Fedy commander together and destroy both of them."
-"I wish you hadn't said that," Gouf said. "Still I suppose it was inevitable. A solution so obvious that no one sees it, but how do we get them together, we both know Zeong is a fool but even he isn't dumb enough to be set up easily. He would rather send us out to fight while he sat on his thrusters and watched at a safe distance."
-"No matter," Kampher said. "We have plenty of time to think of something and besides, we have bigger problems at the moment."
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