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The Zeos prepare to attack the Fedies while the Gundams assess the developing situation

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-Zeus and Master stood before the five after giving their report. Neither of them had been repaired yet and the others were surprised at how much damage their lost brothers could do to a Gundam.
-"I see," Hero said. "I must say I didn't expect them to help each other so quickly. It seems this idea is working even better than planed. Very well then, Zeus you shall focus on the Fedy forces and master shall deal with the Zeo group. Keep in mind we do not wish to kill any of them so hold back and don't push them too hard. We want to make peace with them when they join forces against us after all. You are dismissed, and get yourselves repaired." Zeus and Master bow and slowly walk away while Hero whispers with the other four. Three of them leave but Deathscythe remains behind.
-"I have a little job for you," Hero said.
-Gouf surveyed the area through a sniper scope. The Fedies had taken up position on the floor near the headboard. From there they could launch an attack on the Zeo base under the bed and that wasn't expectable. He spotted several enemy mobile suits and with a sigh he returned to his men shaking his head.
-"It's going to be another fiasco," he said to Kampher. "They are about the same strength as we are and it looks like they are expecting us. They have snipers covering their perimeter from elevated positions to make it look like they are few in number."
-"Cleaver," Kampher said. "Heck, I'd probably do the same thing in their shoes."
-"So what's the game plan," Gouf asked looking back at the soon to be battlefield. "Attack at dawn and take advantage of the light?" Kampher slowly shook his head. "No they'd be expecting that," he said. "We'll wait until noon and hope that they let their guard down by then. How many snipers do they have?"
-"Four that I saw," Gouf answered. "One with a sniper riffle one with a rocket launcher one with a heavy cannon and the last had a missile launcher." Kampher gave an impressed whistle. That much firepower raining down could be a real problem. He would have to neutralize it before the battle began.
-"Makes sense," Kampher said. "Those weapons are most affective at long range. All right give their coordinates to eight of our men and tell them to get in position to take them out in teams of two and wait for my order. Their snipers no doubt found the best spots to fire from so we shall use them ourselves. After we have confirmation that the snipers are neutralized we move in and they give us cover fire." Gouf saluted and said. "Sounds good to me, lets do it."
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