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The Zeos and Fedies fight each other until the G Gundams show up and force them to work together

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-Gcannon and Destiny waited under their end of the bed with several other mobile suits. There was a wall of boxes under the bed separating them from the Zeo base on the other side and they had gone undetected so far, now all they could do was wait.
-On the floor several other Fedy soldiers had set up position to attack the Zeo base and were awaiting the order to strike. Ez8 waited on the shelf next to the bed with a rocket launcher, Green was on the bed's ledge with a sniper riffle, Karen was on the books with a six shot missile launcher and Shiro waited on top of the magazine pile in the corner with a heavy cannon.
-One by one the Fedy snipers were taken out quietly by teams of two Zeos. The new residents got comfortable, took aim and waited for their orders without noticing the small round discs half buried at their feet.
-Kampher gave the signal and all eight snipers began to open fire on the helpless Fedy soldiers. As shots rained down on them the few enemy mobile suits that were able to find cover also found Kampher leading a strike force toward them.
-Gcannon waited until the enemy assault force was in the kill zone and then he pushed the detonator. The land mines the Fedies and placed blew up all four sniper positions and took out the eight Zeo units, four snipers for eight, not a bad trade.
-It took Kampher only a moment to realize it had been a trap. Gcannon and the others under the bed opened fire with heavy artillery and the advancing Zeo forces were blown apart. Kampher had been fast enough to get out of the way but most of his men had not been so lucky.
-Gcannon led the Fedy forces to engage the remaining enemy troops as Kampher called in reinforcements and the two sides clashed again. Destiny searched for Lea but found no sigh of her, but he did find Gouf. Gcannon fired one artillery shell after another at the incoming enemy forces. As they fought each other neither side was aware that they were all being watched.
-Royal stood on the headboard watching the battle. Royal resembled a British royal guard. His massive shoulders were filled with shock absorbers to help handle the recoil of his massive riffle and his tall head housed advanced targeting software for long range sniping. He had almost no close range combat ability at all but he had never needed any.
-His riffle had three large power cylinders, each time one fired it switched to the next allowing the spent one time to recharge. In this way Royal could fire repeatedly without needing to reload. His armor was red and black and he had the same V antenna that most Gundams did.
-Royal took aim and fired a shot, taking the head off of one of the Fedy GMs. He then fired one round after another into the enemy forces taking down both Fedy and Zeo soldiers alike as they came into his line of fire.
-As the warring factions tried to determine where the sniper fire was coming from, four more G Gundams appeared. Shadow, Bolt, Dragon and Rose appeared surrounding the Zeos and Fedies from all four sides.
-Dragon was white and green and his mobility was almost unnatural. He carried four extendable spears on his back and four more in each shoulder giving him twelve in all. Both arms had a dragon head for a wrist guard and he had a whip like ponytail.
-Rose looked like a French musketeer. He was primarily white with blue highlights and yellow trim. His left shoulder had a cape like armor that concealed a rapier sword on his hip. He also had six small yellow missiles, three on each side of his chest and eight small lasers on his legs.
-The G Gundams rushed in and attacked the enemy mobile suits. Shadow's two long blades swung forward and Bolt pulled what looked like a beam saber handle out of the back of his wrist. A large canon ball popped out of his shoulder and a whip like stream of energy sprang from the handle he held and attached to the ball.
-Dragon knocked Destiny over and was about to strike down with his spear when a grappling hook wrapped around the end of the weapon and pulled it away. Destiny and Dragon both looked to see Gouf aim his Gatling gun and fire at Dragon. Dragon's hand retracted and his arm extended out like a long neck. The dragon head at the end bit Gouf's shield and ripped it away.
-The rest of the G Gundams move in on the Fedy and Zeo forces making the two enemies stand back to back. Gcannon and Kampher bumped into each other and turned to look each other in the face. They both nodded and turned to open fire on the G Gundams. The rest of their forces fallowed their example and the G Gundams were pushed back under the focused firepower of both sides.
-Shadow saw that the two sides were working together and determined that his job was done. He jumped back and gave the signal to retreat. He flew away with the other G Gundams fallowing close behind, leaving the Fedies and Zeos to work things out.
-Once the G Gundams were gone the Zeo and Fedies turned and pointed their weapons at each other but no one fired. They all stood trying to decide what to do.
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