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Kampher and Gcannon come up with a plan

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-"Your move," Gcannon said with a hint of excitement in his voice.
-"I won't shoot if you don't," Kampher said. Both generals were unsure how long their men could wait before some one began shooting. Gcannon looked in the direction that the G Gundams had flown off in.
-" know we really should do something about those guys," he said.
-"I agree," Kampher said. "Perhaps we could talk about it some time." Gcannon tilted his head.
-"That sounds like a truce to me.," he said.
"I'm game if you are," Kampher said in a whisper. Gcannon thought for a moment and then spoke over his shoulder.
-"...Destiny, regroup our forces," he said. "I'm going to have a little chat."
-"Are you sure you can trust him?" Destiny asked suspiciously. Gcannon chuckled.
-"Of coarse not but if I can't than you will know for future reference when you take charge, which will probably be soon if he plans to kill me."
-"That doesn't make me feel any better," Destiny said with dread.
-"Don't worry," Gcannon said reassuringly. "I have a good feeling about this; go on now take care of our men."
-Destiny led the men a short distance away, far enough to be out of earshot but close enough to help if the Zeo tried anything. Kampher nodded to Gouf and the Zeo did the same for his troops. When they were alone the two generals moved closer to talk.
-"Well you called the meeting," Gcannon said sounding strong but friendly. "What's on your mind?" Kampher took a moment to asses the Fedy general, they had met in battle many times but he had never really seen him like this before.
-"I believe that you and I are having the same problem," Kampher said at last. "I repeatedly see you on the battlefield and you lead brilliantly, yet your troop movements don't reflect this. In short your leader is a fool, just like mine."
-"...I see," Gcannon said getting the gist of where the conversation was going. "I came to the same conclusion some time ago, that's how I new you would be attacking, you knew it was a bad idea but your general insisted that you attack while we were weak right?"
-"Well that makes things easier," Kampher said, pleased that they were in the same page. "So we are in agreement then?" Gcannon thought for a moment taking in the implications.
-"Yes," he said. "But the question is how to go about it. Our leaders are cowards as well as fools and don't like the view from the front line."
-"Foolish cowards have big egos, Kampher said. "Appeal to that and they eat out of our hands." Gcannon nodded in agreement. That would certainly work for Nuke. "Well now that we know how to manipulate them how do we take them out, we can't kill each others leaders, that would just make them martyrs and defeat the entire propose. An accident would be suspicious so the conclusion must be..."
-"Exactly," Kampher said. "Great minds do think alike. These new friends of ours would serve our purpose nicely. We simply suggest to our commanders that if they were to lead the assault we would surly win."
-"Ah but you know as well as I do that they are not allowed to use their weapons," Gcannon said. "That was part of the agreement between our forces to avoid total annihilation."
-"True but they won't be firing at each other," Kampher said. "We have no such agreement with these new players in our little game. Then it's just a matter of separating them from our main forces so they are alone and we take them out ourselves and blame it on our new enemies. After that we take charge of our respective forces and push for peace, using this common threat as an excuse."
-"You have certainly thought this out," Gcannon said suspiciously. "I can't help but wonder what my son would think if he heard me conspiring to eliminate our own commander. But if I have to sell my soul to buy peace for him I will gladly do so."
-"We are agreed then," Kampher said. "The next engagement will decide our future; at last we will have a meaningful battle." As the two parted ways they failed to notice the silhouette of Shadow, who had heard every word they had said.
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