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Deathscythe spies on the enemy and doesn't like what he sees

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-Shadow stood before Hero after explaining the situation. Hero was quiet with thought for a moment.
-"I see," Hero said finally. "Well this situation is getting interesting. This proves they want peace with each other and although we usually don't deal in assassinations, things are getting desperate...we will help them. When the battle begins our forces will separate their men from the commanders so they eliminate them, after that we shall see what unfolds." Shadow bowed and left to carry out his orders.
-Deathscythe walked in the shadows with nothing aside from his glowing green eyes visible and even they had been dimmed. His jammers had masked his presence from any scanners and the enemy was unaware of him. Even so, spying from behind enemy lines was dangerous work.
-Deathscythe peaked from behind a wall into the Lego development area. The Legos themselves were nothing to a mobile suit; the little creatures were only as tall as a Gundams knee. Their real power came from their machines.
-Legos could build anything they put their minds to. And Deathscythe could see that they had been putting their minds to a lot. All around there were experimental weapons and devices being tested. Some of them were obvious but others Deathscythe could not even guess as to their function.
-Three Lego workers pulled out a strange machine on wheels. They brought it to a stop and signaled for their people to get out of the way as part of the device swung forward and pointed at a mega block wall. The barrel of the weapon consisted of two curved prongs that reminded Deathscythe of Whin's mega cannon.
-The area between the two prongs was soon filled with chaotic light which burst out in the direction the weapon was facing. The beam of energy ripped apart the mega block wall several feet away. As if that demonstration had not been enough the workers then elevated the front end of the weapon and the two prongs opened up like the propellers on a plane.
-Deathscythe watched as it began to spin around and then the light appeared again. This time the yellow electrical energy let loose a blast that could have completely engulfed a mobile suit. The blast struck a Lego drone flying in the air and the energy blast ripped it to pieces in mid air.
-The weapon powered down and the workers lowered it to bring it back within the walls of the bookshelf. Deathscythe desperately wanted to learn what other secrets the little engineers had in there but he could not risk being discovered. But as the passageway opened he was granted a brief glimpse of something, something big. Deathscythe decided not to push his luck and began heading back as he whispered to himself.
-"This is not good."
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