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Gcannon and Kampher put their plan into action

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-The old city was a monument of ruins. No mobile suit had ever called it home and the former occupants had been erased from memory. The collection of cardboard buildings would be witness to a great battle, a meaningful battle.
-The Fedy forces gathered on the small hill of clothes overlooking the city. For the first time in a long time Nuke stood with his soldiers. He looked across to the opposite hill and saw the Zeo forces gathering their strength.
-Zeong hovered with his hands on his waist looking over the soon to be war zone. The whole thing seemed like a waste of his time and power but his minions had proven themselves far too incompetent to handle such a task on their own,
-"Well would you look at that," Zeong said with a laugh. "I must be making them nervous they brought their commander out of the mothballs just for me. It's a shame I wont get to kill him myself but my power will be reserved for the enemy that you can't seem to handle on your own." Gouf and Kampher gave each other irritated glances.
-"Oh not to worry sir," Kampher said reassuringly. "I'm sure you'll get your chance to demonstrate your power soon enough." Zeong looked at Nuke for a long while and finally raised his hand and gave the signal to attack.
-Nuke had been tempted to simply fire his nuclear cannon at the opposing army and be done with it, but he was a man of his word. He looked at Gcannon and nodded his head, giving his general permission to lead the army. The two forces rushed down the hill and into the city to meet each other.
-The layout of the city made it impossible to coordinate any kind of operation. For the most part it was a free for all. Mobile suits moved through the streets, engaging each other as they met. Kampher and Gouf moved together but Lea had gone off on her own. Gcannon and Destiny had also gotten separated.
-Lea had just rounded a corner when she came face to face with three GMs. She fired off her chest missiles to take out two of them and she got the third with her riffle. There was movement behind her so she spun around and fired.
-The shot missed Destiny's head by less and a centimeter. He fired back and shot Lea's gun out of her hand. The two of them stood there a moment. Lea was unarmed and at Destiny's mercy. She waited for the shot but it never came. Destiny slowly lowered his riffle and backed away. He slipped around the corner of a building and was gone, he had spared her.
-Lea walked over to her weapon and picked it up. She briefly considered going after him to settle things but she decided against it. He had spared her, the least she could do was stay out of his way. She powered up her riffle and headed in the opposite direction that Destiny had gone.
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