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The battle rages on but the G Gundams are no were in sight

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-Nuke and Zeong watched from a distance as their respective armies fought each other. Neither of them made a move of any kind. Either of them could finish this fight in a heartbeat but both sides had an agreement. The commanders were only there to stop the newcomers from interfering.
-Kampher looked up at his commander hovering comfortably while his men were fighting for their lives. There was still no sign of the third party and the fighting was intensifying. He knew that his commander wouldn't allow a retreat. This would be a fight to the death if something wasn't done.
-"Blast it where are those guys?" Kampher asked angrily. "I expected them to attack us by now." Gouf looked at his friend and then at their commander.
-"Don't know," he said. "We may have to think of something else." Kampher thought for a moment and looked around; he and Gouf were the only two Zeos in the area.
-"Well if our friends don't want to cause the chaos I guess we'll just have to do it ourselves," he said happily. Kampher aimed one of his bazookas and fired it at Zeong.
-Zeong had been searching the skies for the so called super warriors that his general had been whining to him about. He had begun to think that Kampher had made the whole thing up to cover for his failures. Suddenly a missile passed by only inches from him. He looked around wildly trying to determine the origin of the attack but he could see no one nearby. At first he thought that his general hadn't been lying after all but there was no sign of an attacker. Zeong was tempted to retaliate but he restrained himself.
-Kampher couldn't help but chuckle to himself and he could tell that Gouf had enjoyed it as well. Kampher looked to the Fedy commander now but when he took aim he watched as some one else fired at the enemy leader. Kampher understood right away, and chuckled again.
-"Great minds really do think alike," Gcannon said as he lowered his weapon. He had seen Kampher take a shot at the Zeo commander when he had been planning to and had decided to take care of his own himself. His only regret was that he had to miss. He knew that if he landed a shot on him he would most likely attack. They wanted the commanders in the fighting mood but not to go on a rampage.
-Kampher and Gouf were about to move on when a Fedy mobile suit jumped from around the corner, it was Shin. Shin was a command GM. He had main cameras that looked like eyes and a v command antenna. He had higher intelligence than an average GM and he had a unique machine gun in the right side of his chest.
-Shin was as surprised to see the two Zeos as they were to see him, but he quickly got over it. He was dual wielding a pair of sub machine guns and He aimed them both at the Zeos and opened fire. Kampher dashed for cover while Gouf returned fire with his battling gun.
-Shin boosted backwards trying to avoid the hail of gun fire from Gouf's Gatling gun but he couldn't get away. Kampher rushed out from an ally next to Shin to try and tackle him but shin boosted up into the air and backwards toward a building at the end of the street.
-The four cargo loading prongs on shin's back opened up as he slammed into the building, anchoring him in place as he opened up with both sub machine guns, the machine gun in his chest and his head vulcans. Kampher dove for cover again but Gouf drew his heat sword.
-"That's a nice trick kid," Gouf said. "But with one big flaw!" Gouf boosted down the street towards the building that shin had anchored himself to. Shin tried to take him down but it was an awkward position and the gunfire was shaking his arms to badly for him to get a lock.
-Gouf rushed up to the building and slashed the entire base with one swing of his sword and jumped out of the way as the building began to fall, with shin on the front of it.
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