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Kampher and Gcannon talk during the battle, Nuke gets a surprise

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-Gcannon walked down the street looking for Destiny. He heard someone coming but when he turned he saw two Zakus coming around a building. Zakus were the Zeo equivalent of the GM. They were basic grunts with low intelligence but they go the job done. They were bulkier than a GM but they were also much slower and less maneuverable.
-They had power cables around their head, torso and connecting their upper and lower legs that made them vulnerable. They had one main camera that moved across a horizontal visor earning them the nickname Cyclops. Unlike most mobile suits the Zakus didn't use beam sabers, instead they had a small heat ax that they kept on their left hip and they had a unique narrow, rectangular shield hanging from their right shoulder
-The two green Zakus opened fire on Gcannon with their machine guns, the weapons were no real match for Gcannon's armor but there was no sense in taking chances. Gcannon jet jumped into the air and took aim with his shoulder cannons. The two Zakus were standing right next to each other trying to concentrate their fire.
-Gcannon fired his shoulder cannons at his attackers and the recoil pushed him backwards. The Zakus were both blown apart by a direct hit and Gcannon hit the ground and slid back from the momentum. His thrusters fired to slow him down and he noticed two other mobile suits to his right.
-He pointed his riffle at the two Zeos but held his fire when he recognized them. Gouf and Kampher lowered their own weapons and walked over to him. Gcannon gave a quick glance to make sure there was no one around before he joined them.
-"Our plan doesn't seem to be working," Kampher said indicating their commanders. "Any suggestions?" Gcannon looked back and forth between the two commanders trying to think.
-"Only one," Gcannon said. "We have to get those two to fight each other." Kampher and Gouf both looked at each other, they didn't like that idea.
-"I wouldn't advise that," Kampher said. "Our commander is a fool but his power is real."
-"What other choice do we have?" Gcannon asked. "Our people are killing each other; we have got to stop this somehow. Besides I'd like to see those two get their hands dirty for a change." The Zeos were still reluctant, but they didn't have any better ideas.
-Nuke had been enjoying the view from the hill. He couldn't see everything but the exploding buildings and the skirmishes that happened in his view were amusing. He wasn't sure which side was winning but he doubted that the Zeos could defeat his army.
-Without warning something slammed into Nuke from behind. The massive mobile suit was actually sent stumbling forward by the impact. Nuke was one of the largest and heaviest mobile suits ever made but he had nearly been knocked right over. Once he regained his balance he turned to see who had dared attack him but when he saw his attacker he hesitated.
-Standing before Nuke was a mobile suit he had never seen before. He was a dull grey color with a round shield on his left arm and an ax in his right hand. He had large yellow spikes on the back of its arms and its shoulders were almost taller than its head. The unknown mobile suit had a command v antenna indicating it was a high performance mobile suit. He raised his ax and charged for Nuke.
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