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The battle comes to a close as Nuke and Zeong fight it out

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-Zeong didn't understand what was going on. He had been enjoying the battle and had looked up to taunt Nuke only to find him being attacked by an unknown mobile suit. The newcomer, presumably one of Kampher's super warriors, was hacking away at Nuke's shield with an ax.
-At first Zeong found it amusing and was content to let them fight it out. If Zeong was lucky Nuke would get scrapped and then he could wipe out the remaining Fedy forces. That plan was ruined when someone grabbed him from behind and lifted him up into the air.
-Zeong found himself flying through the air and not the way he usually did. He slammed into a building and was stunned for a moment but he quickly recovered and looked up at his attacker. The mobile suit before Zeong was another newcomer. He had bulking shoulders and a large chest with two blaster pistols on his hips.
-The mobile suit had blue protrusions on his arms and as he stepped toward Zeong the protrusion on his right arm flipped forward over his fist and he punched Zeong through the building. The strength of the mobile suit was incredible. Zeong was forced to run for the first time in his life.
-Gcannon, Gouf and Kampher had been watching the turn of events when Shadow appeared out of the darkness. The three mobile suits aimed their weapons at the intruder but when it became evident that he did not intend to fight them they relaxed.
-"We know of your plans for your leaders," Shadow said. "We are here to help it succeed. Tell your men to retreat, we will handle the rest." The generals looked at each other, uncertain whether or not to believe him.
-"Who are you?" Gcannon asked suspiciously. "Why are you doing this?" Kampher and Gouf seemed equally suspicious.
-"That will be revealed in time," Shadow said. "But for now you must leave here, tell your men to retreat." Shadow stepped back and faded away leaving the three mobile suits with even more questions.
-Kampher and Gcannon gave the signal to fallback for their respective armies and they moved to join them. All throughout the city mobile suits broke off and retreated as the G Gundams forced Zeong and Nuke towards the center. Any ally that tried to help them was driven off, any attempt to escape on the part of the commanders was blocked, they were trapped.
-The G Gundams forced the two commanders into the same area and then discontinued their advance. Nuke looked around for a moment before he spotted Zeong further down the street with his back to him. Nuke took out his beam saber and prepared to attack, this had all been Zeong's doing.
-The huge thrusters on his shoulders fired up and Nuke rushed for Zeong. There was only one reason for Zeong to be in the city, he planned to assassinate Nuke. The new mobile suits had all been a ploy used by Zeong to get Nuke alone so he could kill him, but Nuke wouldn't let him.
-Zeong turned around to find his rival attacking him from behind. He quickly came to the same conclusion as Nuke and he was enraged by the cowardly sneak attack. He turned and fired beams from his fingers but Nuke blocked them with his shield and made a swipe with his sword.
-Zeong dodged out of the way and his right arm shot out and knocked Nuke's large shield away. Nuke swung his sword and sliced through the cable that connected Zeong's arm to his body and was about to rush at him again when Zeong fired the beams from his other hand and knocked away Nukes sword.
-Nuke found himself out of options, out of rage and desperation Nuke flew into the air and took hold of his nuclear cannon. He aimed straight down and when he had Zeong in his sights he fired. All Zeong could do was look up at the warhead as it came down to meet him.
-The Zeos and Fedies both watched from the hills as the nuclear explosion engulfed the entire city. The dome of flaming energy rapidly expanded and came up to meet Nuke. Without his shield the Fedy commander had no protection as the blast swallowed him up and then all that was left of the battleground was rubble.
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