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The battle might be over above ground but beneath the surface some mobile suits have survived

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-Shiro picked himself up and shook the dust off of his shoulders. He was covered in dents and scratches but he wasn't badly damaged. He considered himself lucky to have survived having a building fall on him.
-He walked a short distance before he found a fellow Fedy half buried in rubble. He turned the mobile suit over and saw that it was Amero, and that he was still alive.
-Amero was an advanced prototype; at least he used to be. He had been the basis for Shiro's own design. Amero had the same basic frame with only minor cosmetic differences but his performance was significantly higher.
-"Amero, wake up," Shiro said. The yellow lights of Amero's eyes came back to life and he looked around slowly.
-"What the heck happened?" He asked groggily. Shiro helped him up and he steadied himself.
-"I'm not sure," Shiro said. "I think we're under the old city." Amero nodded and looked around.
-"Who's that?" he asked. Shiro turned to look and saw Fullburner lying against a wall. He was a high speed aerial mobile suit with fat legs to house stabilizers and two thruster pods extending out from his jet pack. He was another high performance mobile suit, normally.
-Shiro could tell that Fullburner was in bad shape. His left v antenna was broken and the left side of his head was badly damaged. His left shoulder armor had been sliced off along with the top half of the left thruster pod. The front of his left foot was also missing.
-Amero walked over to Fullburner and tried to reactivate him while Shiro looked around for some weapons, he didn't like feeling helpless. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that EZ8 was also in the room.
-EZ8 was built to take a beating, his armor was thicker than most mobile suits and his shock absorbers had replaced the thrusters in his legs. Like the other three mobile suits in the room he had two main cameras but he didn't have a v antenna. Instead he had a straight antenna on the right side of his head for receiving rather than sending communications. There was a large dent in his chest, probably from a missile impact. Shiro guessed that was what had knocked him out.
-"Well at least now we're armed, "Amero said, holding up two machine guns he had found. "How is he?" Amero looked back at him and sighed.
-"Not good, but he'll live." Amero said. "I'll carry him if you cover us." Amero walked over to EZ8 and tried to reactivate him as well. "Deal," Shiro said. EZ8's red eyes lit up and he looked around the room.
-"Did I miss something?" He asked. Amero and Shiro looked at each other and chuckled. Fullburner sat up but he appeared unable to speak, probably do to the damage to his head. Amero helped EZ8 up and saw that his right leg was badly damaged.
-"Can you walk?" Amero asked. EZ8 looked down at his leg and grunted.
-"Yea, my legs were built to take a beating, literally," EZ8 said with a chuckle. Amero nodded and walked over to help Fullburner. He picked him up and got ready to carry him but EZ8 limped over and shooed Amero away.
-"Look," EZ8 said. "His left leg is messed up my right leg is messed up, we can help each other walk. That way both of you can cover us." Amero looked at Shiro and shrugged. EZ8 had a good point and they might run into Zeos along the way. Shiro tossed Amero a beam riffle and the four of them moved out. Amero took point with EZ8 and Fullburner in the middle and Shiro taking up the rear.
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