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The Fedies and Zeos make peace while the Gundams move their plan forward

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-The Fedies and Zeos stood across from each other on the bed overlooking the crater where the city used to be. Every mobile suit stood unarmed and without their shields as a show of good faith. Each side was missing several comrades but it was no time to be pointing fingers.
-Kampher and Gcannon stepped forward to greet each other. Destiny stood across from Lea and Gouf was at Lea's side. Every mobile suit from both armies had gathered together. Not a single soldier was armed; they had both agreed to discard their weaponry and shields. Even their head vulcans and been disabled for this diplomatic meeting.
-There was still a lot of bitterness towards each other and the generals wanted to avoid any "misunderstandings". There wasn't any trouble though. The display of unreasonable hate by their commanders had made them al see where their war would eventually lead to and neither side wanted any part of it. At last there would be peace.
-"Our two peoples have fought one another for longer than either remembers," Kampher said addressing both armies. "But in light of recent events, we can no longer afford to continue this war. Both of our commanders are dead, and with them died the reason for our on going feud. Now we, the Zeo mechs ask for peace, we lay down our weapons and ask you, the federated alliance, to do the same."
-"Do to the atrocious actions of our commanders," Gcannon said in response. "And in light of a new threat we, the federated alliance, agree to a cease fire in the hopes of peace, and a united stand against our common foe." Gcannon and Kampher step forward and shake hands as their men cheer with enthusiasm, the war is over.
-"Well things certainly turned out strangely," Hero said after putting down the report he had finished reading. "Especially with the old city being totally destroyed. Sadly what's done cannot be undone and all we did achieve our goal after all. Both of the commanders have been taken out of the picture so hopefully our brothers will start getting along so on to the next problem, making peace with them."
-"I will take care of that part sir," Shadow said. "I spoke with the three that conspired for peace, I believe they will listen."
-"I see, very well we will leave it in your hands. I hope this turns out well, from what I have learned the Lego's are inventing some very powerful toys."
-"I understand I shall do my best." Shadow left to tend to his duties and Deathscythe appeared behind Hero. Hero didn't need to look over his shoulder to know his friend was there.
-"Get Heavyarms and Trowa," Hero said. "I have a job for the three of you."
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