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Amero and the others explore under the old city and discover a horrifying secret

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-Amero led the way down the tunnel, the light on top of his beam riffle lit the way for them. All around they saw the remains of mobile suits, some were allies, some were enemies and many were so badly mangled they couldn't tell.
-Amero held up a closed fist and the others stopped. He slowly stepped forward and aimed his gun at what appeared to be a Zaku but when he shined the light on the enemy figure he found the Zeo was dead. The Zaku was leaning on its bazooka but judging by the bullet holes going up its right leg, and the large hole in its chest, he wasn't much of a threat any more.
-A short while latter the group entered a chamber where they witnessed an eerie sight. Zeong and Nuke were just sitting there, facing each other. Zeong was missing his left arm and his right antenna; he also had a hole in his chest from a beam riffle.
-Nuke for his part was missing an arm and a leg, but the real damage was less obvious. Amero got close and saw that his commander had been shot in the left eye and an exit would was visible out the back of his head.
-"They must have survived the explosion," Amero said. "They must have kept fighting even down here...creepy." The small group walked away, leaving the two commanders alone in their tomb.
-As they continued to walk the Fedies noticed that the walls changed from coarse cardboard and plastic to some kind of tiny mega blocks, smaller than any they had ever seen before, all stacked together tightly. The tunnel opened up into a huge chamber with large, clear containers of some kind.
-Inside the containers there were some kind of creatures curled into a ball hanging upside-down in clear liquid. Amero walked up to the glass of one of the containers and looked in at the strange creature.
-"Weird," Amero said in awe. He looked further down into the chamber and saw more canisters, many more. The containers lined the walls and were stacked on top of each other. Each one contained a creature inside, dormant and waiting. As Amero moved away and continued down the chamber with the others he failed to notice something. The creature he had been inspecting twitched, just a little.
-Shiro stood in a large doorway, three times the size of a mobile suit, and looked upon a giant. It was unlike any mobile suit he had ever seen before. Towering over them surrounded by framework and scaffoldings the titan was as still as a statue. Its skeletal frame hinted that it was unfinished and caused one to wonder what its completed form would have looked like. It had six arms, three on each side of its body with two at each shoulder and one on each side of its midsection. A tail like appendage was visible at the back.
-The creatures head was large and red with what appeared to be an open mouth. On both shoulders there were two elevated stalks with black orbs that served an unknown purpose. The center of the chest was covered by a round, spider webbed shield that revealed the gears and wires responsible for the creatures function. Shiro stood before it and only came up to the creatures knee.
-"What in the world did we just stumble onto?" Shiro asked in a hushed voice. The others joined him and looked up at the giant and as they stared transfixed they failed to notice a shadow moving behind the containers in the previous room.
-Shiro turned swiftly at the sound from behind him with his guns raised and the others followed suite. He stepped back into the room with the containers and saw that the one he had been looking at a moment ago was empty. EZ8 and Fullburner went into the room with the giant while their more able bodied comrades began to search the room.
-"I don't like this," Amero said, "I've got a really bad feeling." Shiro saw something dart behind one of the containers and looked behind it but there was nothing there. As he stepped away he heard something above him and when he looked up there was a strange creature standing on top of the container looking down at him.
-Amero pointed his beam rifle at the creature but held his fire, unsure as to whether or not it presented a threat. Shiro slowly backed away from the container and the thing hopped down to the floor. It was about as tall as a mobile suit but had considerably more mass. It had a rounded body with short legs. Its arms connected at the back and came around to the front hardly reached past the creatures face. Its head was large and sloped back with a mouth that had four very large and sharp teeth. It had no visible eyes and its hands had three large fingers.
-"What a strange little thing," Shiro said as he slowly stepped towards the creature with his weapon lowered. It didn't seem to be afraid and looked at him calmly as he approached it.
-"Don't step into my line of fire and don't get too close," Amero said. He didn't know what the thing was but he saw no point in taking foolish chances. Shiro turned to Amero and shrugged. "It seems friendly enough," he said. As he turned back the creatures head shot forward almost double its body length and rammed into Shiro's chest. The impact knocked him back into more of the containers and Amero opened fire on the thing.
-The creatures long neck retracted back into its body and Amero's shots bounced off of its head without even fazing the beast. It easily leapt into the air and back up to the top of the containers and Amero saw that it was not alone. Over a dozen more of the things were now looking down at the Fedies. Amero realized that getting out wouldn't be easy and he got ready for a fight. Shiro picked himself up and looked at the creatures hissing down at them, "Ah man!"
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