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The Gundams prepare to manipulate events yet again

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-Deathscythe scouted out the Lego base. It was a Styrofoam building that was half buried under a blanket that had fallen off of the end of the bed. There were several Lego battle droids manning gun turrets near the entrance but they were no real threat to a Gundam. Compared to Legos mobile suits were giants.
-Satisfied that this would make a good target Deathscythe turned to his two companions. Heavyarms and Trowa were practically identical. They were white and dark orange with golden highlights. They had missile pods in their shoulders and on the sides of their legs with machine guns on the sides of the neck. Their main weapons were a Gatling gun fixed on their left arms. Trowa had a double Gatling gun which gave him greater firepower.
-The back of the Gatling guns had thick shields for protection and the right arm had a blade folded along the back of their arms that could flip forward for close range combat. The white chest armor could open up to reveal two more small Gatling guns and like all the Gundams they had head vulcans. They had the same v antennas as the rest with four additional antennae pointing back along the sides of their heads. They were walking weapons platforms built for just this kind of job.
-"Ok now remember," Deathscythe said, "We want to provoke a reaction, not fight a battle. Get their attention and get out of their. I'll calculate their strength to see where we stand and report back to base. You just make sure that the Legos find our brothers."
-Heavyarms and Trowa nodded and got into position. Deathscythe engaged his jammers and gave the signal to attack. The shoulders and leg pods of the two Gundams opened up and they fired a barrage of missiles at the Lego instillation in unison. They waited a moment and when the dust settled the Lego turrets opened fire and the top of the base opened up. The two Gundams took to the air and headed away as the Lego fighters were launched after them.
-The Lego fighters seated a single pilot without protection. They had a semi circular front with a narrow tail section. It was propelled by two small engines at the very back and their only weapons were two small machine guns at the front. They were nothing more than scouts but once they determined the enemy strength the big guns would come out.
-Sure enough as soon as the scouts realized the Gundams were running four speeder bikes were dispatched to take them out. The speeders were elongated and streamlined craft with a single pilot in the middle. They were built for speed and power with two energy cannons in the front and two blasters on the sides these vehicles were a real threat even to a Gundam.
-The speeders flew past Deathscythe making a high pitched whirring noise and headed after Heavyarms and Trowa. Both of the heavy assault Gundams were built as walking weapons platforms and didn't have much in the way of speed but they had a head start and not far to go. Even if the speeders did catch up to them they had enough armor to weather the assault long enough to reach their destination.
-Deathscythe scanned the vehicles into his memory and the base. When he was satisfied he looked in the direction his comrades had gone. "Good luck brothers."
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