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Chapter 8

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painful greetings by old friends.

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AN:I know this chapter is short but when I was writing it I didn't seperate it into chapters until I started typing it.

Chapter 8

"So let me get this straight, you're getting married!?"

"Yes Brandon, we've gone through this."

"I'm sorry I just can't help it, my little girl is growing up." He said tearing up

"If I knew you were gonna get all fake sentimental on me I would've asked Pete not to have you as best man." I said glaring at him.

"Ok, ok. Now we need to find you a maid of honor."
'Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?'

Sometimes I worry about that boy. Only he would have that as a ring tone. He used to have it set for his girlfriend Taylor. Come to think of it Brandon isn't too prone to change...Oh my gosh!

"Tell her I said hi! Tell Taylor I said hi!!!"

"Tell her yourself." Just then the doorbell sounded.

Unsure of what he meant by that I reluctantly answered it and was tackled to the ground. "Hey tall stuff," I said gasping for air "you know you're crushing me, right?"

"Yes and I'm doing it purposely for two reasons 1.) This is now formally known as my greeting, and 2.) How dare you not update me about your life!"

The rest of the day was spent laughing about old times, some new times (like a certain make-up issue of Brandon) and my relationship ups and downs. I had a question to ask her later though and I knew she'd be expecting it. Plus if I didn't Pete would be a never married man because Taylor killed me.

AN: This story has been going on for eight chapters and I all I've gotten were two reviews, your author is not pleased. Your author also expects more out of you readers...
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