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Chapter 9 (Part 1)

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Clones and Movies

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Author Inturruption: Ok, I said there was gonna be one more chapter; I lied, well...kinda. I'm splittin it in two now.

Chapter 9

"Pete let's stay in bed" I whined.

"No, we got to go tell my parents." He said running around looking for clothes.

"What's with you it's like our roles have reversed?"

"I'm so excited right now. I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life and now I am. Now let's go!" He went out of the room and came back in with some huge shades. He had his red clandestine hood on his head, some black jeans, and black and red converses.

If he's gonna steal Pete Wentz's look so can I. I walked to the shower and got a surprise. He already had the clothes I was going to get along with another pair of sunglasses. (I was wearing the infamous purple hoodie) I guess it was Pete Wentz look alike day.
"On second thought I changed my mind; we'll just call my parents. Let's visit Brendon I hear they have friends in town."


Panic was in town again. They were finally off from tour. Pete became well affiliated with them in the few days they had off.

"Brendon!" Pete yelled when he walked into the door.

"He isn't here right now went out to get McFlurrys for everyone." Said a person wearing the same outfit as my Pete. I realized then just how much they look alike; mine was an exact replica of the Wentz.

Ryan walked in, "Hey Pete, Pete, and Marie. Did yall raid Wentz's closet at the same time?"

"Yeah, I decided to be hot for once." I joked.

"Your fiancé looks pretty hot."

"Pete you're just saying that because he looks like you today."

"I'm just saying why have the copy when you can have the real thing?"

I had to tackle him right there. I knew he was kidding but he halfway meant it. So it was part fun, part you can't have me. He got both messages.

"Guys, can you stop getting it on and help me?" said Brendon struggling to carry 9 McFlurrys.

"Man how dare you forget to get two for us." Pete said motioning between us.

"That's ok I'll just take Ryan's." grabbing it out of his hand.

His defense attack was to tickle me, it almost worked until we realized we were getting too comfortable in our position. He was straddling me as I struggled to break free. I guess it must have been too much for him because he bit back a moan. Thank God everyone else showed up.

"Let's go to the mall" suggested Joe.

"Incase you forgot Joe," said Patrick "we're famous. It'd be pretty weird to have 8 people walking around with hoods up."

"You know you could just not wear a hat. Then no one would recognize you." Said Spencer. Patrick glared at him while everyone else laughed.

"Let's watch a movie" suggested Jon and Andy.

"Can we have popcorn" asked Joe

"Dude, you just ate 5 minutes ago... 6 tacos!"

"What can I say I've got a fast metabolism" Joe said putting his hands behind his fro and leaning back on the chair he was currently sitting in.

I walked to the snack area of the building. The shelves were empty; too bad for Joe. "There's no food here."

"What!? No food = no movie."

"What's this about no movie?" Taylor asked

Oh look Taylor's here. Wait when did she get here. I must've had a look of confusion on my face cause she answered my unspoken question.

"I came from the bathroom" she said crossing over to sit on Brandon's lap. Ah ha! I knew there was another reason she came down here.

Silence passed by for a few minutes but it seemed like longer. Apparently no one wanted to get Joe food. Everyone was doing something else.

Andy, Patrick and Wentz were having some argument over which is better drums, rhythm guitar or bass (They all lose, cause it's all about lead guitar Two words: Joe and Ryan).

Jon and Joe were having a staring contest (neither was winning) Spencer had disappeared only to come back with Air Guitar Hero 2 (That broke up the staring contest).

Brendon was text messaging someone.

Brandon and Taylor were huddled on the couch (a little too close if you ask me).

Ryan was writing lyrics stopping occasionally to look at me (yea I noticed, that doesn't mean anything though).
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