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The Wedding Note

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Plainly and simply, the wedding.

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It's short I know but I don't have much time- although this one doesn't give away what I am going to do next and it will be so twisty a bag of twisties could walk by and say 'dude thats twisted'

We finally got back to America on a plane with a nervous first flyer (the pilot not Snow) and managed to settle Snow in to Her new home (My house).

Gerard moved in the next day and We all played it out that Gerard had been living here for a while for Snow's benefit.

She didn't mind at all, She thought Gerard was the one for Me, and I guess She was right because 6 months later I was standing at one end of the aisle dressed in a white ripped wedding dress and Gerard was at the other wearing the same suit He wore to the prom- and who says You can't recycle prom outfits.

I walked Myself down the aisle since I didn't have a Father to speak of, and Snow was by My side throwing flowers at unsuspecting guests, while Aggie and Kit giggled in front of Me at the exclaimations that Snow was being given.

I reached Gerard who took My hands in His and recited His vows and so did I.

We kissed as Husband and Wife, sat together in the reception and made it all the way to the honeymoon, happy and carefree, Snow with Us all the way.
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