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The Double

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Snow seems to be settling in nicely, but can everyone play nice?

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"Uncle Frankie?"

"Yes Snow"

"Where do babies come from?"

I think everyone just stared at Frankie mentally telling Him not to say anything.

"Ok Snow I think it's time for bed"

"Ok Winter" Snow replied while yawning.

I took Her to the bedroom Gerard and I would have been sharing and tucked Her into the bed.

"Sleep tight Snow" I said while walking out the door.

"Shes a cute little thing isn't She?" Aggie said while snuggling next to Frankie.

"Almost brings out the maternal side of You Winter" Kitty replied snuggling next to Mikey.

"Seems to do the same to You two" I smirked.

"There's something I have to tell You guys but You have got to keep quiet, I don't want to wake Her up. Snow is Gerard's daughter" I replied.

"We know" Ray said bluntly.

"How do You know?" I asked.

"We figured it out when We saw Her, Her age and the time that Autumn fell pregnant is roughly the same" Bob replied.

"Oh" I stated.

Well at least it made things easier, no raised voices being the main priority.

I looked over at Gerard.

"Are You Ok?" I asked.

"I'll be fine, but there's one thing I want to ask You"


"Are We still together?"

"Of course why would You think We weren't"

"I figured that if You had realised what Autumn had done You would give Snow to Me and never see Us again"

"Autumn's last wish according to Her groom was that if anything happened to Her I would get Snow and look after Her and that is exactly what I am going to do" I replied.

"Spoken like a true Mum" Mikey added.

"Winter?" I heard a faint voice call.

I walked in to see Snow wide awake.

"Aww sweetie did We wake You?" I asked.

"No just, can You read Me a bedtime story?"

"Of course" I replied and picked up a random book that I couldn't see the cover to since it was dark.

"So what do We" I questioned while looking at the cover.

"Oh that's My favourite book- The Nightmare Before Christmas"

AS I started to read to Her I realised just how much I cared about this girl, and how much I wanted Her to grow up in a happy family.

As I finished the story, closed the book and walked outside to where Gerard was sitting I knew what I had to do.

"Gerard?" I whispered.


"Do You love Me?" I asked.

"Of course I do, with all My heart"

"And I love You too which is why I want to talk to You. I want Snow to grow up in a happy home with a mummy....and a daddy" I paused for Gerard's reply.

"Then how about when We get back to America We get married?"

"Absolutley. I mean We love each other and We always want to be with each other so it only stands to reason that-"



"You're blabbering"

"oh" I replied.
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