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It Ain't Over Till The Heart Stops Ticking

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Autumn had a deadly secret- can Winter get over it and help?

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I woke up to see a blood splattered groom standing over Me with a grim face.

"You're not going to like what I have to say but Autumn told Me to tell You in case of this so I will. You didn't take to close a look at the flower girl did You?"

I shook My head. I dimmly recalled a girl of 5 or 6 with pretty blonde hair in a purple dress.

"Her name is Snow. She is Autumn's daughter"

I shot up regardless of the pain and stared gawkeyed at Him.

"Yes. She is Gerard's daughter as well. She knew She would never be with Gerard and She also knew that the two of You were meant to be together so She lied"

"So She had a child big deal what do You want Me to do about it?" I growled.

"I'm dying of cancer Winter. I can't be there for Snow anymore. I'm giving Her to the only other person Autumn would ever trust- You"

"What! You're friggin' yanking My chain there is no way in hell Autumn would let Me have Her child" I whispered in case someone heard.

"It's true. She's waiting outside this door and Her bags are already packed and on the plane. Snow is a smart girl and She knows exactly what's going on- that Her Mother has died and that Her Mother's Sister is going to look after Her from now on" Was said over His shoulder as He brought Snow in.

She was the spitting image of Autumn and I smiled.

"Hi sweetie" I said nicely and sat up properly.

"Hi Aunt Winter" She replied in a cute voice.

I inwardly groaned at how Frankie would warp Her mind and smiled.

"Oh no hunny, You can call Me Mummy if You want- I look alot like Her don't I?"

"Yes, and I look like Her too" She smiled but I could tell it hurt.

I got out of bed, noticing someone had dressed Me and kneeled down in front of the sad girl.

"She's always going to be with Us Snow. She's never going to go away, ever" I whispered softly to Her.

"Really?" She asked, Her eyes gleaming with hope- yep definitley going to be corrupted by one of the guys.

"I promise. Do You like Icecream?" I asked.

"Yeah, what's the catch?" Snow replied.

"The catch is that You meet My friends and try to have a good time- agreed?"

"Ok, Let's go" She giggled.

I took Her hand and walked out the door with Her, but I turned at the last minute to the Groom.

"I'll take good care of Her"

"I know You will"

"Bye Daddy"

"Bye darling, be good"

"I will" SHe replied and tugged Me out the door for icecream.

"You sure are strong for a little girl"

"Mummy taught Me, She said it was important that I learn in case I get in trouble"

"It is important. WHat did She teach You?"

"Kickboxing" Snow replied simply.

I giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"I taught Her kickboxing after I went to a couple of classes. She always wanted to go with Me but Our Mother said She was too young so I taught Mummy in secret" I replied smiling.

"Are those You're friends?" Snow asked.

I turned to see the gang, all looking slightly defeated or upset.

"Snow stop for a minute" I said and kneeled down again.

"We all loved Your Mummy, very dearly and if You see anyone upset it's because of that"

"Do You think They will like Me?" Snow asked.

"I think They will love You"

I walked over with Snow holding My hand tightly- I got the feeling that if She waqs holding anybody else's hand but Mine She would have snapped it in two.

"Everyone this is Snow, Autumn's daughter" I said.

Everyone just blinked at Me, then at Snow.

Bob was the first to break the silence by kneeling down to Snow's height.

"You look just like Your Mummy and Winter" Bob added as He honked Snow's nose.

She giggled and replied "Winter's My Mummy now".

"Is She now?" Kit asked Me.

"What can I say, Autumn entrusted Her to Me and I intend to do what She asked" I replied.

"Can I have icecream now?" Snow asked.

"Do You like Icecream? what flavour?" Frankie asked kneeling next to Snow.

"Bubblegum" She replied a little wary of Frankie.

"Oh that is so girlie" Frankie replied.

"Is not" Snow pouted.

"How about I teach You the art of icecream" Frankie suggested.

"There's an art?" Snow asked.

"Of course, If You'll follow Me I will show You. Let's go guys" Frankie said.

Snow grabbed My hand and We all walked together.

Gerard tried to hold My hand but I wouldn't let Him.

There were things We had to discuss and it wasn't to be done in front of Snow.
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