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New Feelings

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Rachel starts to have feelings she has never felt before...

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Hey!! I decided to update quicker than planned. I'm sick, so I've been doing a lot of writing...
This is where the story starts to come together... Kind of..
Thank you for all the reviews and comments..


Chapter 2

"So, what was it about?!" Scarlet said excitedly, pulling her knees up against her chest, leaning towards me.

I stayed silent and avoided eye contact.

"I promise I won't tell anyone Rachel. I swear. C'mon, you can trust me." She whispered reassuringly.

I let out a loud sigh. I loved all my friends, I could tell them anything. But the first person I tell stuff to was Scarlet. My friends, the girl ones I have, are like sisters to me. But Scarlet is something more. Something special...

I could tell I had been thinking in my head for a while now by the way Scarlet said:
"Look, if you don't want to tell me, that's fine. I respect that. Just know that, if you want to talk, I'm here." She said as she put a hand on my leg. I smiled.

"Ok, but remember, you can't tell anyone. And you know me, if I find out you told someone, you better run girl!" I whispered, leaning in closer to her.

Scarlet laughed and I started to tell a secret I was ashamed to admit.

"Ok," I sighed. "Last night..." I started.

"Yeah?!" Scarlet excitedly shouted.

"I kinda had a dream about Gerard..." I finished, whispering.

"And your point is?" she said raising her eyebrow, having a confused look on her face.

"You've had dreams about Gerard before, lots of times infact." Scarlet pointed out.

I looked around to make sure no one was listening. I made a hand gesture for her to
huddle in even more. She sighed.

"Yeah, but this time it was different." I said while I looked around once again, feeling insecure about someone hearing.

"Scarlet. I dreamt we were together... Sexually." I whispered.

"What?! Like a sex dream?! You had a fucking sex dream about Gerard?!" She said, sounding shocked. Her voice raising with every word she spoke.

"Noo!!" I whispered, shocked that she could even think that.

I hushed her, reminding her to keep her voice down.

"No! Not like that. We were just...together... Romantically..." I said quietly.

We sat staring at each other. I decided to add a bit more in, so she wouldn't presume anything bad again: "Like, kissing, and, and cuddling...and..."

"I know what you mean Rachel! It's nothing bad though. I mean, you have to admit, your dreams can be pretty fucked up sometimes." Scarlet pointed out, again.

"Yes, I know... What does this mean though?" I asked, worried.

"I don't know Rach... It's probably, just a dream..." Scarlet said.

"Hopefully..." I sighed.

"Well what else is it going to be?!" Scarlet shouted.

"I don't know! It could be anything!!" I hissed a bit louder then planned.

"And what are you two doing?!" Ray said walking in with Frank, Mikey and Gerard by his side.

"We're planning our plans for world domination!" I said jumping up, throwing my arms in the air above me.

"Yes... Well, good luck with that." Frank said sitting on the floor next to me.

I tried to avoid looking at Gerard. I tensed up, and went slightly red. Scarlet sensed my sudden awkwardness and whispered in my ear: "Just act normal. And if something happens, I'm here to back you up!"

"Thanks. What would I do without you?!" I whispered back pulling her into a hug.

"Right then..." Mikey said confused, looking around for answers on our sudden actions.
The boys all shrugged at him.

"GIRL ON GIRL ACTION!!" Frank shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Shut up Frank!" Scarlet and I said in unison. We turned to each other and laughed.

"I'm getting a drink." I said standing up. "And maybe find the rest of the gang. Anyone wanna come with?" I asked.

"I'll come!" Gerard said as he stood up.

"Ok then, lets go!" I said, trying my best to act normal.

"Anyone else? No? Well you had your chance!" I said as I linked arms with Gerard and we skipped off into the corridor.


I sat at my table. Watching the teacher pacing up and down the room, trying to explain the topic we were on. I zoned out, putting my head on the table and putting my arms on my head. My mind somehow wondered off to the numerous kisses Gerard and I shared in my dream.
The bell rang, snapping me out of my day dream. I screamed out a big 'Woo!' And grabbed my books and basically ran out the door, I couldn't wait to get home for some reason...


I laid on my bed, basking in the silence that engulfed the house. My parents and brother were asleep, and I was the only awake. I sighed and closed my eyes and laid for a good 20 minutes. I was asleep when I heard tapping at my window.
I am a light sleeper, so at the slightest noise, I'm up. My eyes flew open as I sat up onto of my bed. I sat there for a few seconds, listening hard to make sure I wasn't imagining it. I heard the tapping again along with someone whispering my name. I slowly made my way over to the curtains, pulling them towards me so I could see outside. As I pulled them towards me a bright torch light shined in my eyes.

"What the fuck?!" I said confused.

"Shit! Sorry! I didn't mean it, I swear!" The mystery person replied.

"Gerard?" I asked confused as I opened my window.

"What are you doing here?! You scared the shit out of me!" I asked Gerard.

"I uh...came to see you." he replied shyly, a smile spread across his face.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Gerard offered.

I laughed. "Are you that bored?"

"Aye! Don't make fun of me! Do you want to go or not?! Cause I'm going with or
without you!" He replied.

"Gerard... It's... It's..." I looked behind me to the alarm clock.

The red numbers read 9:35 pm.

"It's 9:35!!" I pointed out.

"Excuses, after excuses, after excuses... If you don't want to go you don't have to, and just say it damn it! Instead of making excuses." Gerard said, being half serious, half sarcastic.

"Shut up... I want to go... but what about my parents? What if they find out Gerard? They'll kill me!" I hissed.

"Yeah, and that's really stopped you before!?" Gerard laughed.

I looked towards the door, deciding weather or not to go. I had put my dream as a dream. One of my crazy wacky dreams I have.

"Good point... Ok. I'll come. How cold is it outside?" I said.

"Uh... Pretty cold. Put your arm out and see for yourself." Gerard whispered.

I put my arm outside and shivered. Gerard laughed.

"Yeah, it's pretty cold. Better put a jacket on." He said.

"Who are you? My mother?!... Wait here. I have to get dressed." I hissed at him before turning around.

I let go of the curtains and walked over to my drawers.

"Hurry up!! Or I'm leaving without you!" Gerard whispered.

"You wouldn't dare!" I threatened as I grabbed a pair of black jeans, an ACDC shirt, and a red and black striped hoodie.

Gerard laughed "Wanna bet?"

"Just shut up and let me get changed." I said, pulling on my jeans.

He sighed. "Fine, but like I said, hurry up."

I pulled the shirt over my head and then the hoodie. I sat on my bed and put my converses on. I put my fingerless gloves on and grabbed my phone.

"Should I leave my light on or not?" I asked.

"Maybe you shouldn't, if your parents come in to turn the light off and your not here? Just turn it off." Gerard replied.

"Ok. But hang on, I have to put a belt on. Pants falling down." I said pulling my pants up and walking across my room to grab my studded belt before putting it on.

Gerard sighed again, "My god, are you always like this?"

"Shut the fuck up!" I snapped at him.

I turned off the light, and made my way over to the window. Bashing my hip on the corner of my bed. Making a slight knocking noise.

"Ha,ha!" Gerard teased as I pulled the curtains back again.

"That really hurts you know! ...If you had hips you'd know about it!!.... My rooms gonna be soo cold when we get back." I said as I attempted to climb out the window.

"Here, let me help you." Gerard said as I struggled to climb out.

He out stretched his hand so I could grab it. I did, and my stomach felt like it tied itself in a knot. A sickening feeling I had never felt before.
I got half way out, and was stuck. Gerard and I both laughing quietly, trying not to wake anyone up. All of a sudden, Gerard grabbed me by the hips and pulled me towards him. My body tingling, I felt weird, something I had also never felt before. I slid out of the window and put my feet on my ground.

"Let's go!" Gerard said jumping off the veranda.

I followed, trying to hide the pathetic smile that was on my face...


Yep! That's my second chapter!! Hope you liked it!!
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And I'm sorry if its too long, I tried to cut it down, but I felt everything in this chapter needed to be there to actually make the chapter...
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