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What happens to Frank?? Ooooh, how I love making you people squirm!!

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Renn woke up, the room was still dark but the clock showed it was almost 6 am. She was snuggled against Frank, like before, but something was wrong, he wasnt as warm as before and...Renn gasped, there was no heartbeat she sat up and stared at Frank. He looked like he was sleeping, a calm expression on his face. But his chest wasnt moving. Renn put two fingers on his neck and felt for a pulse, already knowing she wouldnt get one.
"Frank!" She whispered leaning forard, trying to wake him, but she knew if she tried to wake him she would just be wasting time that could be used for the amblulance to ambulance! Renns brain was working faster than her body and she scolded herself for not ringing sooner, she grabbed the phone and dialed '911', she asked for an ambulance, giving her adress before putting the phone down. She raced over to Frank, tapping his cheeks and shaking him.
"FRANK! FRANK!" She cried, desperate for him to wake up.
She sat there, trying to make him wake, knowing it was failing. Then she suddenly realised he wasnt breathing which meant she was supposed to do CPR. She wasted no time, as too much was already lost.
She did CPR for 10 minutes, sobbing as she blew into his mouth, the pressed down with the flat of her hand just below the rib cage like they had been taught in school. Suddenly Frank gave a loud cough and he gave loud gasps of air. Renn cried out in shock and happiness.
"Frank!" She cried sitting him up. He was shaking against her hands and was crying.
"I...I...Can't...cant....b...bre..breathe" He gasped. Renn didnt know what to do. Thankfully the door burst open and paramedics rushed in - thank god!
The next few hours were a hazy blur...the paramedics had shoved Renn aside and had instantly began to strap Frank to a stretcher and place an oxygen mask on his face, he looked shocked, and when he closed his eyes, Renn couldnt help but wonder whether he would ever open them again, they raced out of the apartment, leaving two paramedics to escort Renn down to the ambulance, she was shaking and sobbing but no tears would come.
"Frank!" She cried, one of the paramedics, a woman, rubbed Renns back as they left the apartment.
"Come on dear, your in shock" She said. Renn shook her head.
"Is he going to be ok?" She asked sadly.
"Of course he will." Said the male paramedic. Renn sighed and rubbed her eyes.
"I tried everything I could...he wasnt breathing so I did CPR, he woke up but...he said he couldnt breath...I'm so scared!" Fianlly the tears began to fall, in great rushes down her cheeks as she shook under the paramedics comforting arm.
"Dont worry love, he'll be fine, you did everything you could and you did well! Dont worry about it, he's safe" She soothed. Renn gulped down comforting air as they got outside, the air was cold and froze Renns lungs, numbing the horrible pain and worry filling her heart to the very core. In the ambulance Renn tried to ring the guys, but she just couldnt do it, so the paramedics did it for her.
"Hello? Id this...Gerard was it?" Renn nodded, she could hear Gerard on the other line.
"Yeah...who's this?" The paramedic explained everything.
"Oh my god! Is he ok!?"
"Yes he's going to be fine, but we need some way of letting everyone know about it -"
"I'll ring them all!"
"Oh would you? Thats very kind. Renn isnt in a fit state at the moment as you can probably guess."
"Yeah, dont worry I'll let them know and me and the guys will be right down tell her"
"Ok, thankyou sir" The paramedic handed Renn her phone back and smiled warmly.
"He siad he and the guys will be right down. I presume you know who 'the guys' are?" Renn nodded numbly.
"Yeah...their Franks best friends...and mine" She mumbled. The ambulance was travelling fast, Frank lay on the stretcher, whilst breathing through the mask. He looked so peaceful and Renn took hold of his hand, trying not to cry incase he could hear her.

Renn sat in the waiting room, feeling sick, last time she had been here was when Mikey had been attacked, now she was here because Frank was dieing. The paramedics had took Renn into a small empty room for a while so she could calm down, get over the shock. Whilst Frank had been taken away to god knows where. Renn had insisted on going to the waiting room so she could meet the guys. Just on cue, Gee, Ray, Mikey and Bob came striding in, all of them pale and worried, just like when Mikey had been here, only Mikey wasnt the one was Frank this time.
"Renn!" Gerard spotted her and rushed over Renn stood up and held out her arms, she felt so alone and broken, but she knew Gee was one of those people who could act strong and make everyone else strong, or be weak, and everyone else would be, thankfully, Gerard seemed to be strong.
"GEE!" She cried, Gerard grabbed her and wrapped his arms protectively round her body, holding her close and rocking her from side to side as he whispered that it would be ok in her ear. Renn sobbed un - controllably into his shoulder, the rest of the guys arrived, all of them looking scared and sympathetic. Gerard took a deep, steadying breath as tears filled his eyes. He was going to be strong, he could tell that already Renns hope had gone and she was crumbling from worry, he had to help her, like she had comforted him when Mikey had been here.
"I swear this is going to become a second home!" Said Bob, Renn gave a half sob, half laugh. Gerard continuing rocking.
"Ssshhhhh....its ok, everythings going to be fine" He whispered. He sat down, pulling Renn on his lap, his stomach lurching as he felt how incredibly broken her being seemed to be. She was shaking and crying silently. Her eyes glazed and un - seeing. The rest of the guys noticed it too and made them want to cry and give up hope aswell, because it was so much easier that way.
"Dont worry Renn...Franks strong." Said Ray. Renn nodded, just agreeing for the sake of it, but the only person who didnt seem at all worried was Mikey.
"Believe me, Frank will pull through. You know how stubborn he is, and he told me when I came out of hospital, that if he ever saw the light he wouldnt go anywhere near it." Mikey laughed at the memory. "Heck, god himself could try dragging Frank to death and he'd probably turn round, bite him and then start being a smart ass until he's aloud to live again" Mikey smiled. He was certain Frank would live.
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