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I slept as your heart stopped beating

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I felt the story needed a bit more drama, as its getting boring - writers blocks SUCK!!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-06 - Updated: 2007-05-06 - 578 words

Carol stayed until late that evening. Talking about random things, telling Frank constantly that she was very proud of the work he had done in the band though it wasnt her type of music.
"I'm into classical myself" Said Carol, taking a sip of coffee. "But, I do like some of this new boy band stuff - not rock, things like that 'take that' doobrey watsit. Yes. I quite like them. And that 'westlife' or whoever." She said. Renn glanced at Frank who smiled kindly at her.
"Thats great mum" Said Renn.
"Mmmm...this coffee's delicious!" Said Carol.
"Its hazelnut and vanilla" Said Renn. Carol nodded her head.
"Mmmm, its very nice" She said. Frank sighed and leaned back into the sofa, he put his arm round Renn and she shifted closer.
"Aaaw, Im so glad you two get along. Your going to make a lovely couple" Said Carol. Renn and Frank gace thier first real smiles since Carol had arrived. Carol glanced at the clock.
"Gosh is that the time!? I better be going." Carol got up and hugged and kissed Renn and Frank.
"Do you want us to take you home?" Asked Frank. Carol shook her head.
"Thats kind of you dear, but I'm fine, see you two lovies soon!" Carol waved as she left, Renn and Frank smiled and waved before shutting the door and dropping onto the floor with sighs of relief.
"Thankyou for being so telorant Frank" Said Renn leaning over and kissing him.
"Dont worry about it, your mums nice" He said, Renn smiled and snuggled into him, Frank put his arm round her waist, and they sat on the floor, holding onto eachother. After a while Renn seemed to wake from a daze.
"Why are we sitting on the floor?" She asked, Frank looked round, as if he hadnt known they were on the floor.
"Good question." He said, getting up, pulling Renn up with him. They walked into the living room together.
" about that shower we discussed earlier?" Asked Frank with a devilish smile. Renn rolled her eyes.
"Thats all you men think about!" She laughed.
"Ah - not true actually! I just find it hard to think about anything else when I live with such a beautiful woman" Said Frank. He sure knew how to make a girl feel special.
"Well...Its surprising Im not thinking the same when there's an exceptionally gorgeous man living with me" Frank laughed and kissed her. He began kissing her neck, sucking the flesh and nibbling it softly. He carried on for a good 10 minutes before going back to her mouth. Renn nibbled Franks lip, and then found her tongue wondering over his lip ring, interested, she bit it and pulled gently, then she licked round the ring and then sucked it, and carried on for a bit.
"Your very intrigued by my lip ring" Laughed Frank. Renn blushed.
"I've never kissed you with it in before thats feels strange" She said.
"I can take it out if you want" Frank offered but Renn shook her head. She liked its cold smoothness against the heated lusty kissing they often took part in together.
"You sure?" Asked Frank. Renn nodded. Frank pulled her into her lap and crossed his legs round her body. She lay back into his chest, and soon fell asleep, rising and falling with Franks breathing, hearing the gentle 'thump thump' of his heart beat...but then it stopped.
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