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Renns mum pays a visit

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The next morning Renn woke up, finding Frank had gone, she sighed wondering where he was.
She found him in the kitchen, reading the paper and drinking juice out the carton.
"Heya Frankie" Said Renn walking over, Frank looked up and smiled.
"Hey babes. Orange juice?" He asked offering her the carton.
"'ve been drinking out of it" Said Renn. Frank raised an eyebrow.
"So?" He asked.
" might have spat in it or something...and you've had your mouth round it" Said Renn. Frank was silent for a second, taking in what she had just said before laughing hysterically.
"I cant believe you just said that!" He cried.
"Why?" Asked Renn, not sure at what he was getting at.
"After last night, not to mention all our make out sessions, sticking our tongues in each others mouths and you wont even drink out the same god damn carton!" He spluttered. Renn had to admit he had a point.
"Oh what ever" She said taking the carton and drinking from it, Franks jaw dropped in mock surprise.
"OH MY GOD RENN! YOU JUST DRANK OUT THE SAME CARTON AS ME! YOUR GONNA DIE" He yelled, Renn slapped his arm lightly.
"Oh shut your face!" She said. Frank chuckled, taking a gulp of juice.
"Anything interesting in there?" Asked Renn indicating the paper.
"Nope" Said Frank bluntly.
"Oh, well, Im gonna take a shower" Said Renn getting up, Frank stood up too.
"I'll join you!" He siad.
"No you wont" Someone said, Renn and Frank turned to see Renns mother in the doorway - Renns mum had a horrible habit of walking in without knocking.
"Mum! What are you doing here?" Asked Renn blushing, Frank was even redder.
"I came to see you and Frankie and admire your engagement ring" Said Renns mum.
"Oh right...well...erm, I'm about to take a shower" Said Renn, her mum nodded.
"Go take one dear, I'll talk with Frankie" She said. Frank looked scared.
"Ok...but mum, err...yeah, remember that I am 23 ok?" Said Renn.
"Oh dont worry dear, I'll pretend I didnt even hear you two considering sharing a shower" Said her mum with a wink. Renn nodded blushing.
"Besides, it not like me and your father never -" Renn cut her mum off.
"Mum please!" She cried. Her mother smiled.
"Ok ok, I get it, now go take a shower - you stink" She laughed. Renn scowled and left the room.
"Frankie!" Renns mum pulled Frank into a bone crunching hug. "Awww, I missed you dear!"
"I missed you too Mrs - " Frank was cut off.
"Oh dont be so formal, you going to be my son in law (I know scary huh!), call me Carol!" Frank smiled.
"Ok...Carol" He said wishing he could just dissapear.
"Now then, what have you two kids been up too?" Asked Carol sitting down.
"Oh...err...not much" Said Frank.
"Oh I can imagine!" Said Carol with a laugh. Frank gritted his teeth, it was going to be a long day.

AN: Yeah, I know its short - but I decided I had to update something! This story is currently going in no particular direction - major writers block! Please let me know if you have any ideas!
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