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Don't Return To Me My Love

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*Ok, Mikey and Bella got busy in the last chapter. Yeah, it was great. A bit confusing...but...yeah, that's great. Ok, this chapter kinda sucks, so , bear with me. And its sad to say, I'm almost done with it!!! Just a few more chapters... cries in a corner...* Ok, stop reading this and read the story!!

It had been months after the tour. Arabella still stayed at her apartment from time to time, but now she lived with Mikey. Yes, she still remained a model and had fun with it. Things were perfect. She had a loving home to come back to and Mikey had the person he loved most waiting for him with dinner and He looked at her one day when he got back from the studio. "Hey Bell, what's up?" She smiled at him and shook her head. "Nothing. I'm just giddy that's all." He couldn't help but smile and kiss her forehead. "Cool, so how was work?" She moved over as he sat down and put an arm around her. "Well, Jon was being his weird self as always, and I got to pose with the guys from Good Charlotte..." She giggled and blushed lightly, and he caught this. "I haven't talked to them since...forever." He looked at her confused. "Oh, so, what kind of pictures?" She looked back, a bit confused too and raised a brow... "Uh, Here, I'll show you..."

*Bella's POV...*

I noticed the hint of jealousy in Mikey's voice. I shouldn't have told him, he's not going to like this... I raced up stairs and grabbed the envelope with the pictures in it, and raced back to him. I watched as he pulled them out and looked them over. "Wow, you look...amazing..." He was spacing out his words, I knew him too well, he's upset. "Mikey, what's wrong? You don't sound happy.." He looked at me and sighed, holding up a picture. It was one where Joel was holding my waist, and I was cuddled up in his warmth, my eyes staring blankly into his..."I don't know what to think of that. Bell...I.." I smiled sweetly at him, and rubbed his arm. "There's nothing to worry about Mikey. I'm not into guys like them.. I'm into guys like you." The look he gave me looked as if he calmed down. "I'm sorry. I just...I keep thinking that..I'm going to lose you,and I don't want that.." I giggled and leaned in closer to him, then placed the pictures on the table. "You couldn't lose me if you tried." I felt as his arms wrapped tighter around my small frame, but never hurt me. He kissed the back of my head and I could feel his heart beating softly against my back. After a feew moments of watching T.V, my cell rang... He picked it up and handed it to me. I looked at the number and froze a little before answering it. "Hello?" The voice on the other line was loud and clear. "ARA!!" I smiled and Mikey gave me that confused look again. "Hey! What's up?" I tried to sound....ok...and not panic..."Nothing. I was just wondering what you were doing tonight." By this time, Mikey moved over and shook his head. "Oh, I'm busy tonight. Why?" Joel sighed and whined. "I wanted to take you to a club and hang out, just like old times." I blushed and smiled. "Well, the old times are gone...I'm sorry. Maybe next time?" I could here as he sighed on the other line. "Sure. I'll call you tomorrow. Benji said hey, and he really wants to see you again Ara..." I couldn't help but sigh and look down at my fingers. "I know. I'll....I'll see what I can do ok?" I could hear the smile in his voice. "Great. Thanks Ara. See ya!" Then he hung up. I looked up and found Mikey's eyes staring at me intently. "Who was that?" I couldn't lie to him.. "One of my friends." Well, it wasn't a lie right? I stood up and stretched. "I'm gonna head to the shower and then go to bed..." Before I could go, he took my wrist softly. "Bella....Please, don't walk away from me..." I felt that same electric shock I felt so many months ago, shoot through my arm. "It was Joel." I watched as his face slowly lost its color, and then quickly turn a shade of red. "oh." He let me go, and I felt my heart sink. I sat next to him, taking his hand in mine.

*Mikey's POV*

"It was Joel." When she said another guys name, it was like...I lost the will to live. She was nervous and I could feel that about her. I don't know why, but I felt as if she was hiding something from me. I love her, and I can't lose her again. The blood left my face, and I could feel it. But, why is Joel calling my Girlfriend?? I don't care that its her friend, but...he's a rival band!! I felt my ager rise up to my face and her weight was added to the sofa. She took my hand and i felt my mind stop racing. Her green eyes looked at me with a certian sparkle. "I'm so inlove with YOU Micheal Way. I'm not gonna look at another guy the same way I look at you. Joel was there for me when I started out. He was so sweet, and took care of me like an older brother would. So, don't get jealous...Please?" It looked as if she was on the verge of tears, and I felt aweful. "I'm sorry. I just...Joel Madden, and Benji...they.." I looked down, I couldn't face telling her this... "They get around when it comes to girls. I thought... That you and him..." I looked up and found her looking at me...half smile on her face. "Me and Joel? Or Benji?? Nope..They looked out for me. Don't worry.. The only one you have to worry about is Billy." I raised my brow and she smiled sweetly. "Why?" She stood up, taking me with her. "He wants revenge for the 100 or so times I beat him at video games...He'll do anything for it." I coudn't help but laugh at her. I pulled her in and she looked up at me with those green eyes. Big, and childlike, yet, womanly. Her smile grew smaller as her blush rose. "Ok. Come on, lets...just...chill." She nodded and we ended up watching a movie and falling asleep later on....

*3rd POV*

The next morning, Mikey woke up and found himself alone. Bella had an early photo shoot that day so, she was gone. He sighed and ran down the stairs. He found breakfast and a note. "Hey Mikes, I'm sorry I didn't wake you. It's pretty early. Uh, We need to talk. I love you!! Arabella." He sighed and sat down, eating the breakfast food. As soon as he was done the phone rang. "Hello?" There was a small pause. "Mikey." Mikey froze instantly and set his face straight. "Alice..." He looked up at the time and sighed. "What do you want? I've got to go get ready for the guys." Alice cleared her throat and spoke clearly. "I want to see you." He stood up and walked around the room. "What for? We're over remember?" Alice laughed. "I know. I'm not stupid. But it's been months Mikey. You have to face me sooner or later..." He looked confused for a moment and sat down on the sofa. "What do you mean, Face you sooner or later??" Alice sighed on the other line and took a dep breath. "I'm gonna see you today...that's all you need to know." Then she hung up the phone. Mikey sat there for a moment before realizing he was gonna be late for the gathering he was having with the guys.
Ok, with Bella. She was sitting at her makeup table, just....getting ready. hmm...I wonder if Mikey enjoyed breakfast... She was snapped out of her thoughts when someone tapped her on her shoulder. "What's up chick?" Bella's eyes went wide and a smile spread across her face. "JOEL!! BENJI!!" She jumped up and hugged them both. Joel pulled back laughing. "We just saw you yesterday. What's up?" She sat down and they sat on the table. "Nothing. I'm just...wanting to go back home..I miss my Mikey.." Benji laughed and shook his head. "Mikey he's the name of your 1st kiss right?" She nodded and blushed lightly. Joel crossed his arms. "He better be taking care of you. What does he do?" She smiled widely and giggled. "He's Mikey Way...My chemical Romance???" They all nodded in understanding and she sighed. "What are you guys doing here anyway?" Joel smled slyly and Benji spoke. "We came to hang out... Maybe go to lunch. The other guys miss your company Tinker Bell.." Bella sighed again and blinked a few times. "I don't...I can't. I don't want to get Mikey jealous. I mean....We.." Benji held out his finger. "We'll talk about how you and Mikey met,....we'll even meet him later if it makes you happy.." Bella nodded and smiled at them. "Let me call Mikey and tell him that I'm going out with you guys, and get this shoot done ok?" They nodded as she dialed his number....NO ANSWER.../hmmmmm that's weird..../ She dialed again. "Hello?" She smiled at the sound of his voice. "Mikes!" He laughed and and sighed happily on the other line. "Bells. What's up?" She giggled and turned away from the guys. "Uh, I wanted to ask you a question.." He sighed and fell silent. "......Uh, ok...Shoot." She looked up at the ceiling and smiled. "Is it ok if I hang out with the guys from GC? I'll be home in time to cook dinner..Its just lunch.."...pause....."Uh, yeah go ahead. Take all the time you need. I have to go. Love you." Before she could repsond, he hung up.. She looked at her phone a bit confused, but shook it off. "Ok. Now, let me get to work." She giggled and did her job..

*Bella's POV*

Before we actually went out to lunch, I decided to stop home. I wanted Mikey to meet them before actually hanging out.. I didn't want him to get the wrong idea.. I turned into the driveway and noticed another car. It wasn't any of the guys...unless they bought a new one...but...they would've told me... I slowly got out, with Joel and Benji right behind me. Joel smiled. "How many cars does this guy have?" I pointed to his (insert car and looked at them. "He only has one...this...I don't know..." I fell silent and walked up the steps, then opened the door. I could feel that Benji and Joel were tense....Hell, so was I. There's another car in the yard and, I didn't know who's it was!! We quietly walked around, till we got to the living room. I stopped as I heard a familar voice. "Mikey, he's your son. I love you too much to lie to you. Why don't we just get back together, and be a family?" I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. "Alice..I love you too..but.." .......Fully shattered....I can't...believe he said that.. All I heard was nothing but silence. I stepped out and found a sight I never wanted to see. Alice, holding a baby, kissing the guy I loved most. Benji and Joel did to..but they did what I couldn't do..They yelled. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE?" I held Joel back, and Benji helped. Mikey jumped up and looked at them, then at me. "Bell.....Bella this isn't what you think it is.." I shook my head. "You love her. She has your kid. I can't compete with that...I.." Joel went to take a step toward him, but I pulled him back. "I should kick your ass! What...." I cut in. "Its ok. I'm just...I'm leaving.." I turned and walked out....with the guys following closely behind me. They got into my car and we all pulled out. Down the road, my vision became too blurry to drive so I pulled over. Benji pulled me out of the car and placed me in the back with Joel, and I could feel as his arms held me tightly as my body was racked with sobs. "I had something so important to tell him..but..I guess he'll never know.." Joel looked at me, and wiped away my tears. "What?" I shook my head and smiled. "Nothing...That I loved him with everything...that was all..." He sighed and held me close to his body again. "If I see him, I'm not gonna hold back. I'm kicking his ass.." I laughed a little and sniffed. "If only...It didn't hurt so much..." We drove to the hotel they were staying at, and I crashed with the other guys. It was pretty late at night when I found that Mikey called me about 1000 times. Gerard and the others called me like4 or 5 times a piece, and I had 8 new voice mails..
1) Hey Baby, its Mikey. I didn't mean what I said to alice...Please..come home..
2) I know your mad at me. But we need to talk. You said so this morning...come home...I miss you.
3) Bella, please, its getting late, and I'm worried. Come home
4) I'm sorry...I need you to come home. Baby...I'm so...I'm so worried...what could you be doing? I...I want you next to me..Come home...Please, I'm begging you...Come home...
5)Hey DollFace, my brothers a wreck, what happened? Call me back. Oh, and Mikey said to come home.
6)Its FrankFort...You need to come home. Mikey's falling apart. He...he needs you now Bella...Come home
7)Ray here. We need one...BELLA MIONETTE TO GET HER ASS HOME!! Mikey needs to talk.
8)Its Bob. Look, you know I'm not one for words, but...Mikey isn't with Alice in any way. It's just one big misunderstanding. Come home and talk to him Arabella. We don't need him to fall apart again...He Loves you...

I didn't want to hear it. He never would've said what he said to her if he didn't mean it. I know Mikey. He say's what he means when it comes to love. I grew up with him till high school,and I've been his girlfriend for months now! I looked over and saw that the guys were all smiling at me, sorta like the old times when I was just a young model, trying to make it big. They were like the guys in a small way. Chris was like Frank, Joel like Mikey, Benji like Gerard., Billy like Bob and Paul like Ray. Benji let me lay my head in his lap as I softly fell asleep...too worn out to do anythng else. The only thing I remember is thinking...."Don't return to me my love..." before actually losing the ability to stay awake...

**Long Chapter, I know. But..I've only got...a few more I think...Yeah. I hate to end it..but there could be a sequal...I don't know. I've got 2 other stories to finish, and a new one on the way..But please review...I worked really hard.. THANKS!!!
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