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Bella's Head....Again.

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**Yeah, the last chapter was a pretty sad chapter...Please don't kill me, just read... AND REVIEW!!! THANKS!!!

Yep, this again

It had been a while now since I last spoke to Mikey. Ok, since I ran away again. I know, its childish, and I should face my problems like an adult, but...ITS HARD.. He still tries every now and then to talk, but...the last I heard, he got back with Alice. I guess the kid was really his. At least he's taking responsibility for it. "Hey Tinker Bell, what are you doing? You have a check up today." I smiled at the sound of Benji's voice and giggled. "Ok, just help me up." He laughed at me and gently helped me up, bringing me to the car. I've been living with the guys for a while now, and they've really helped me get over Mikey. It didn't help that they were like the guys. When I stopped talking to Mikey, I thought it was best to stop talking to the guys. I moved away too, didn't help like I thought it would. I'd hear a song and just...break down. I shook my head at the thoughts and smiled at Benji. He's been taking really good care of me. We're not together...NO, I could never go with them...but..his smile and his company keeps my day from going bad. "So, any phone calls today?' I nodded and smiled softly. "Mikey called today. Left me a voice mail, that said something about Kevin getting married...They wanted me to go to the wedding.." Benji held my hand softly and rubbed it with his thumb. "You should go. You need to get out of the house." I shook my head and we pulled into a parking lot. "Nope. It would kill my soul a little to see him again...happy with his new family.." I smiled sweetly. "I'm pretty content with living here." He nodded and we walked into the building. And after a few mins of waiting, and my exam, we were talking to my doctor. "Ms. Mionette..." I laughed and shook my head. "No, please, call me Ara." She smiled and nodded. "Ara..Your looking healthy. Everythings fine." I smiled and looked down. "Your baby is doing wonderful too. Strong heart beat, movement is good. Good weight." I rubbed my belly and let out a small tear. Benji rubbed my back and I looked up at him smiling. The doctor sighed and smiled at us both. "Your going to give birth to a healthy baby Ara. Have you told the father yet?" I shook my head and smiled "I can't. He has another baby to watch over. I'm not going to bother him with mine..." Benji cut in. "Me and the guys are helping her as much as we can.." I couldn't help but laugh. "They're helping out too much. I can't do ANYTHING!" She laughed and I got off the table. "It's best you don't strain yourself. I understand that. They're gonna be fathers to a baby. I expect it to be spoiled." I giggled and nodded my head "So do I." She smiled and we said our farewells. I put my hand on my belly as we sat in the car. "You know...I do think he should know. I mean, Ara...its his kid.." I shook my head. We had this same arguement when they first found out. I was planning on getting an abortion, but...It would've killed me too. I couldn't do that to my child..Never.. "I don't care. He has his own kid, his own life to take care of..I'm not..worth his time. I.." My phone started ringing and I noticed it was Mikey. Without thinking, I answered. "Hello?" There was a pause on the other line. "Wow, you answered....I wasn't ex..." I cut him off. "What do you have to say Mikey? I'm sorta busy. Me and Benji are getting lunch." I felt a sting in my throat...I couldn't bear being so mean, or listen to his voice..."Oh, I just wanted to say that I wanted to see you again...You know, see how your doing? But..I guess you and Benji have plans.." I shook my head. "Nothing's gonna change. I'm not..." I fell silent..."Bella, I just want to see you. That's all. I mean, its been months. I was beginning to think you were dead. I haven't seen you in any magazines, you haven't called back. Nobody's heard from you. What's going on?" I cleared my throat, but the stinging feeling got worse. "I'm happy. I'm healthy, I'm ok." He sighed. "Oh, your happy being away from me? Happy with...Benji??" I sniffed a little. "Yeah, I am. I'm sorry." I heard as his voice cracked a little bit. "Just...See me..Please? Tomorrow?" I looked down and smiled at my belly again. "No...How about..a week from today? I'm busy.." He smiled a bit..and spoke. "Ok, thanks Bella...I'll...see the park?" I sighed and nodded. "Yeah, that sounds ok. Bye Micheal" He said his farewells and hung up. Benji looked at me. "So are you gonna tell him?" I shook my head. "Nope." He looked confused. "If your gonna see him, then isn't he gonna know? Or ask questions?" I looked out the window, tears falling continueously down my face. "I'll just tell him its not his..." The ride back to the house was silent. I was instantly greeted by the guys as soon as I got there. Joel put his hand on my belly and smiled. "Man, this is great." I laughed and moved his hand. Ever since the guys found out, they've been really happy, and acting as if it were their own. Joel has been extra giddy. He's always wanted a guess he wants to raise this kid as his own. I shook my head and yawned. "I'm gonna take a nap. I'm so sleepy.." They nodded and Billy took my arm, Paul getting the other one. Billy smiled sweetly and I couldn't help but blush. He's always been able to do that. "We're gonna help you up the stairs..come on." Paul laughed at me. "Come on Prego. We don't want you to hurt our kid." I couldn't help but laugh and be helped. The days passed by as usual. Just me lounging around with nothing to do and the guys doing there best to keep me that way. The day came when I was supposed to meet Mikey. He called in that week, and we set up a time. He was so goofy. Forgetting things, and then remembering that he left something out. I got dressed as best as I could, considering that I have a baby growing in my belly. I sighed and grabbed my purse and left a note for the guys, but I knew that they knew...I got in my car and made a drive for the Cafe. Yeah, we changed the place too...After an hr, I was there, and I saw that his car was there too. I took in a deep breath and walked in. I looked around and instantly noticed him. He stood up and I walked to him...He was so oblivious to my stomach...oh was hiding it..Oops...I walked up and hugged him, when I pulled back, he looked down. "Bella...Your...?" I smiled and nodded. "Pregnant? Yeah...I'm due in two months...Great huh?" I sat down and he sat across from me..."So who's the father??" I looked away. "Benji's." I looked over and saw the shocked look on his face. "Wow.." I looked down and in the silence...I could've sworn I heard him say something..."So..Mikey, how are you and Alice..And your son?" He shook his head. "Eh..It wasn't my kid. She's been gone." I shook my head. "I wasn't surprised." He looked at me. "So, if you knew, then why didn't you stay?" I looked him in the eyes. "You loved her still. And...I don't know..I just..I hated hearing you say it to her. And, you kissed her." He nodded. "Oh. Well...I did help her with the kid...He's a handful. Benji happy? I mean, with you being pregnant...?" I nodded. "All the guys are. This kid's gonna be spoiled. Benji's even helped out with the na-" He cut me off. "I worked out the math Bella. I know its not his..I know its mine." I froze and I could see the serious look in his eyes. "What?" He just looked at me. "Ok, Your due in two months, which means your 7 months preg. You left 4 months ago Bella. I'm not stupid.." I couldn't speak. I had a knot the size of a grapefruit in my throat. "Why didn't you tell me you were 3 month preg? Why couldn't.." I stood up. "Because you had your own family. I didn't want to ruin things with you and Alice again. I'm sorry for not telling you, but we don't need you!" I saw his heart shatter infront of my eyes. I felt my own shatter along with his. "Bella, its still my kid. I need to know..." I shook my head. "Its my kid, and I don't think I want them to know who their father is...I'm sorry, but..I don't need you." I walked out and felt as he grabbed my wrist, softly, right before I got to my car. "Bella, I want to be there...I want you..." I felt as his arm snake around and touch my belly lightly. At that moment, the baby had to kick....I felt a small pain and he turned me around, smiling. "Wow...its a kicker huh?" I nodded and moved his hand. "It's been this way for a while now..The little sucker." I looked down and rubbed my stomach before looking at him. He was watching me intently. Like he used to. "Mikey.." Yet again, he cut me off. "Come on. Leave your car here, lets go see the guys. They'd want to know.."I shook my head. "No. They'll know its yours...they'll kill me.." He shook his head and took my hand. "They wont. They'll just be happy to see you again.." I nodded and got in his car. The ride was silent, but Mikey kept his hand on my belly. I didn't have the heart to move it. It felt nice though, knowing that he was...ok with it. We got to Gerard's house and walked in. "Hey Mikey, how was the meeting with Bella?" He smiled. "It was great, she's here to see you guys." I walked in and found that they were looking at me, then they each held me in a soft hug. Gerard was the first to noticed. "Bella, your pregnant??" I nodded and placed my hand on my belly. "Yep. 7 months now..." He looked at me and then at Mikey. I nodded and looked down. They sat me on the sofa and each touched my belly, which was kinda annoying..."Is it a boy or a girl?" I looked at saw that Mikey wanted to know. "Uh, I'll have to call my doctor...I didn't want to know till the last min..but, your family, I can't keep it from you.." Gerard was all smiles. "I have a neice or nephew on the way.." I smiled at him and looked down. I had a pretty good time with the guys, but I had to go back. It was late and I walked to the door. "I'll see you guys when the baby's born..Maybe sooner." They laughed and I rode with Mikey. I got into my car at the cafe and looked at him. "I'll tell you the sex of the baby. And I'll call when its time..Ok?" He nodded. "You swear?" I nodded softly. "Yeah Mikes...Your the father..." I smiled sweetly and he backed away. "Bye Bella." I waved and smiled. "Bye Mikey.." I hauled ass getting out of there, I didn't want to watch him slowly disappear...When I got back, I went straight to bed. The next afternoond, I called the doctor. "Yes?" I was super nervous... "Hi, its Arabella Mionette. I was wondering..what is the sex of my baby?" I could hear the smile in the doctors voice.. "Its both. Your having twins. Boy and Girl.." I dropped my phone. "What???" She laughed. "I knew this would happen. I tend to hide that till they ask..." I got teary eyed. "Thank you.." I hung up and immediatly called Mikey.. When he didn't answer, I sent a txt..
it's u still wanna kno?
Yeah, sure, how's it been?
Its been gd. Its a boy..
what? I thought it was a boy..
It is..I'm having twins....

When he didn't txt back, I knew he was in shock. I told the guys and they reacted the same way. I was nothing short of smiles...I'm gonna show my kids just how much I love them...that's all that matters

**Equally long chapter...Yeah, she was gonna tell him she was pregnant...Well, I wonder how things will turn out..??? Ok. Read on...!! In the next chapter!!! And...REVIEW!! thanks
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