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Gee and Frank meet

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Frank and Gerard form a strong friendship but then Frank gets kidnapped - will he get home, asnd will it make their friendship stronger?

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Gerard wandered into his classroom, the teacher turned to look at him.
"Ok Way, whats the excuse this time?" She asked him. Gerard shrugged.
"Erm...I...had to go home because I left the oven on" He said lazily, the first thing he could come up with. The teacher scowled.
"And whats the real reason?" She asked, Gerard smiled.
"That is the question" He said before walking over to his desk and sitting down.
"Mr. Way do you WANT a detention" Asked the teacher angrily. Gerard shrugged again.
"Not really but your gonna give me one anyway" He said. The teacher nodded.
"Thats right I am, and I dont want you in my classroom either, your disturbing my lesson. Get out" She said. Gerard sighed and got up.
"Whatever you say" He mumbled and then he left the room, he had only been in there 2 minutes and allready he had been kicked out. Must be a record, he thought as he made his way behind the gym.

Gerard lit a ciggarette and took a drag. A boy appeared next to him, Gerard didnt recognise him. The boy ignored Gerard and lit a ciggarette.
"Who are you?" Asked Gerard.
"Frank" Said the boy without looking at Gerard.
"Is it your first day here?" Asked Gerard, the boy nodded, blowing out some smoke. Gerard found that quite shocking, a new kid had already skipped class for a fag and it was only first period.
"Who are you?" Asked Frank lazily.
"Im Gerard" Said Gerard, Frank nodded.
"Are all the teachers here so up their own arses?" Asked Frank after a small silence, Gerard looked at him.
"What do you mean?" He asked.
"Well, I went to my first period- maths, and the teacher goes 'are you new here' and I was like yeah, and she goes 'do you wanna introduce yourself?' so i just said 'my names frank' and she goes 'and...' and i was like 'and...what?' and she goes 'tell us about yourself' and so i told her that I'd moved here because of this job my dad had been offered' and she goes 'oh so your here becuase your families doing well in life?' and i was like...'erm...I suppose' like why the hell is she asking me that? and she goes 'Well this is dissapointing, first day here and already being a nasty child' and i was like 'what! Im 15 and Im not being nasty' and she goes 'and your cheeking me! I think you should go see the headmaster' so I came here" Frank looked at Gerard for some form of explanation. Gerard grinned.
"Did you get the teachers name?" He asked. Frank shook his head.
"Did she have iron grey hair in a tight bun and neon orange framed glasses?" Asked Gerard, Frank nodded.
"Yeah, thats Mrs. Waters, she's a cow, she has a go at any kid who has parents or siblings that are doing well in life because her own life is crap" Said Gerard, Frank scowled.
"Thats a load of bull!" He cried. Gerard shrugged.
"Dont worry. The other teachers will at least give you a chance, but if the head finds out you've just skipped your class you'll be given a detention" Said Gerard, Frank laughed.
"Hell, I dont care about detentions - and you cant be either if your out here" He said. Gerard nodded.
"Yeah I guess so" Gerard chucked his fag and on the floor and stomped on it.
"See ya around" He said walking away, Frank nodded.
"I'll hold you to that" He said, Gerard turned round with a laugh.
"Oh you will will you?" He chuckled, Frank got rid of his own fag and nodded.
"Definitely" He said, then he walked away without looking back. Gerard watched him go, un - sure of what the hell had just happened.
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