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Just...random really, just everyone meeting frank and eating sherbert.

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"Heya Gee!" Said Ray walking over to Gerard who was sat in the shade of a tree, sketching.
"Ray" Said Gerard in acknowledgment.
"Looks like Mikey's got a new friend" Said Ray, Gerard looked up, Mikey was walking towards the tree, the boy, Frank, walking alongside him.
"Hey guys - this is Frank" Said Mikey. Ray nodded at Frank and Gerard smiled.
"Yeah, I've already had a small run in with him" He said, Frank grinned and Mikey looked confused.
"Really?" He asked.
"Yeah, he was skipping class this morning" Said Gerard.
"Olny becuase the teacher was being a cow" Said Frank sitting down. Ray laughed.
"A lot of the teachers here are like that" He said. Frank leaned towards Gerard.
"What you drawing?" He asked. Gerard shut the sketch book quickly.
"You've got no chance of seeing Gee's drawings, he wont show anyone" Said Mikey sitting down and opening a bag of sweets.
"Only because they're too wierd for you people who are narrow minded, You'll think I'm a freak" Said Gerard.
"We already think your a freak" Said Ray casually as he bit into an apple. Gerard shrugged.
"An even bigger freak" He said.
"Nah, your already the worlds biggest freak" Said Ray. Gerard laughed.
"Too true" He said, Frank smiled, he liked the way they all messed about like this. Suddenly a sandy haired boy came sprinting out of now where and jumped into Gerards lap.
"OW! BOB YOU LUMMOX!" Cried Gerard trying to push the boy off, but he held tightly to Gerards neck.
"GEE BABY!" He cried. Gerard raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, Bob, I know I'm bi, but sadly I didnt realise I was going out with you!" He said.
"EUGH!" Cried Bob jumping off Gerards lap. "I'm NOT going out with you - because I am straight!" Said Bob flicking Gerards nose. Gerard frowned and rubbed his nose.
"Are you on drugs?" He asked seriously, Bob laughed.
"No, but I heard you've got rainbow sherbert!" He cried. Gerard rolled his eyes.
"Yes I do Bob...and your not getting any" He said. Bob scowled.
"Thats not fair! You dont even like sherbert!" He complained. Gerard shrugged, taking the small tub of sherbert out of his bag and opening it.
"Care for some sherbert Mikey?" He asked. Mikey nodded and Gerard poured some into Mikeys hand.
"Ray?" Ray nodded and he got some too.
"Frank?" Frank nodded, he loved sherbert, mainly because it was all sugar and he loved being hyper, Gerard poured some into Frank outstretched hand, everyone had had a handful but there was still some in the bottom. Gerard frowned at the tub.
"GEE DONT BE EVIL!" Yelled Bob, Gee sighed.
"Well...I suppose you could have some...just because Im feeling soooo generous!" He said handing Bob the rest who ate it instantly.
"He likes sherbert" Said Gerard to Frank who had been watching everything with interest.
"I never guessed!" He said sarcastically. Bob sat back, satisfied.
"So, how has everyones day been?" He asked.
"Crap" They all answered.
"Hm, no change then" Said Bob picking at the grass. They all sat not speaking for a while. But then Ray and Mikey began discussing guitars and Frank looked up.
"I play guitar" He said, and in an instant he was dragged into Ray and Mikeys conversation, Gerard yawned.
"Can we talk about something slightly more interesting?" He asked.
"Guitars are interesting" Said Ray.
"Not when you dont play them" Said Gerard, Mikey shrugged.
"Learn to play then" He said. Gerard sighed.
"I guess I'll see you losers later then - I need a fag" He said getting up, he was making his way to the gym, when Frank appeared at his side.
"What? I want a fag too" He said when Gerard looked confused, he shrugged and they carried on walking until they reached the gym.
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