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Boy rapists!?

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Dont worry this chapter isnt actually boy rapists!

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When Gerard got home after his detention he heard voices coming from Mikeys room. Gerard knocked on the door.
"ENTER" Called Mikey, Gerard pushed open the door, inside was Mikey and Frank sitting on the floor playing video games. "Oh hey Gee" Said Mikey.
"Hey - just came to see what you were I'm gonna leave" Gerard turned to go.
"Hey Gee, will you make us some popcorn? I asked mum but she's gone out somewhere." Said Mikey.
"Do it yourself you lazy sod!" Cried Gerard.
"Aaaaw, please Gee!" Begged Mikey.
"Whatever" Said Gerard and he left.
"THANKS GEE!" Called Mikey as Gerard walked back down the stairs.
After making the popcorn Gerard took it back to Mikeys room and sat down between Mikey and Frank.
"Thanks you can go now" Said Mikey.
"Bugger off! I made this so I get to eat some" Said Gerard. Mikey sighed.
"Whatever" He mumbled taking a piece and putting it in his mouth.
"Mmmmm, butter my favourite" He said happily. Frank raised an eyebrow.
"Butter? This tastes like sweet to me" He said.
"Its both" Said Gerard grabbing a handful and shoving it in his mouth. "Nice huh?" He said. Mikey frowned at the bowl of popcorn as if it was covered in slime.
"Both? Gee thats gross" He whined.
"No it isnt" Said Frank and Gerard at the same time. They looked at eachother and smiled.
"It is" Said Mikey eating some.
"Then why are you eating it?" Asked Gerard. Mikey shrugged.
"Its nice" He said. Gerard shook his head. Only in the mad mad world of Mikey.

Frank came everynight for the rest of the week. Then on Saturday he came round. On Sunday he had to go to church (Much to Gerard and Mikeys amusement!) and then he continued to come round every night after school.
Around the fourth week, Mikey had gone out on a date with some girl called 'Alicia', so Frank stayed in Gerards room as Gerard wrote something on a piece of paper. Frank put down the comic he had been reading and leaned over Gerards shoulder and began to read what he had put.
"Is that a song?" Asked Frank, Gerard turned the paper over all though Frank had already read it. He didnt know Frank had been watching him.
"Its...just a few lyrics I thought up." He mumbled.
"Its really good" Smiled Frank. Gerard smiled.
"Thanks" He said.
"Dont mention it" Said Frank picking the comic up and reading it. Gerard sighed and turned towards the window, the sun was shining and it seemed a shame to be cooped up indoors.
"Wanna go outside?" He asked Frank, Frank looked outside the window.
"Erm...I guess we could" He said. Gerard stood up.
"Great" He said offering Frank a hand and helping him up. "To the park? The lake? Roam the streets?" Gerard asked. Frank shrugged.
"Where ever" He said.
"Well, to where ever!" Said Gerard leaving the room, Frank following him.
They walked for a while, talking about normal things, music, drawing, school, homework, music again. They were just on the subject of war when they passed two men, standing in the doorway of an abandoned house. The men were both average hight and dressed in fine clothes. One of them had shoulder lengh, straight brown hair that fell in his eyes. The other had long blonde hair that he had tied in a pony tail. They watched Gerard and Frank pass, focusing mainly on Frank, eyes glinting.
"They look freaky" Whispered Frank. Gerard stepped closer to Frank in a protective way.
"I know - just ignore them, they probably rape boys and have got their sights set on you being next" He said wickedly. Frank shuddered.
"Dont Gee...I wanna go back" Said Frank. Gerard chuckled.
"Alright alright" He said turning round and making his way back, Frank following him, shooting wary glances at the men in the doorway, who smiled cruelly back.
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