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Ive been kidnapped!

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Yep, Franks been kidnapped people. *Shock horror!*

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-07 - Updated: 2007-05-07 - 955 words

Gerard sat in his room drawing, Frank was due to come over again today, he was a bit late, which was strange for him, but Gee wasnt worried.
But after an hour, he was a little concerned. "Maybe he forgot he's coming round" Said Mikey turning the page of the comic he was reading.
"Well, should'nt you ring him? After all, Mums cooking him dinner" Said Gerard, Mikey nodded taking his phone out his pocket. He dialled Franks number and listened to it ring.
"MIKEY!" Frank shouted so loudly that Gerard heard him clear as anything and Mikey cringed holding the phone at arms lengh.
"Geeez! Did you HAVE to shout so loud!?" Asked Mikey.
"Im sorry, but Mikey you have to help me!" Cried Frank, Mikey looked confused and put the phone on loud speaker so Gerard could hear the conversation.
"Help you? Why? Whats wrong?" Asked Mikey.
"I've been kidnapped! Im in the back of some freaks truck!" Cried Frank.
"Yeah, funny Frank, but really, whats up?"
"Frank, dude, do you really think I'm gonna believe that?"
"Im being serious!" Franks voice was filled with panick, and Mikey frowned, looking at Gerard for his opinion. Gerard took the phone off Mikey.
"Gee?! Thank god! Gee - its those guys, the one we saw standing in that house, they grabbed me just as I got in your street! You have to help me!"
"Frank calm down - now whats wrong?"
"Ive told you!! I've been kidnapped by those wierd men! Gee you have to help me - aaaagh!" Frank yelled out but it sounded distant, like he wasnt holding the phone anymore, Mikey and Gerard looked at each other.
"Frank!?" Called Gerard.
"Hello - who might this be?" The voice that talked down the phone was cold and filled with cruel amusement.
"Who's this?" Asked Gerard.
"Ah ah ah, who are you first?"
"Im Gerard! Who are you and what have you done with Frank?!"
"Ooooh so your the famous Gerard then? Oh yes, Frank was yelling for you to help him when we first grabbed him at the end of some street, Is the other one there?"
"Oh what was it...Mick? Mike?..."
"Thats the one! Mikey."
"Yeah he's here, now who are you!?"
"Oh of course how rude of me! I am smith - smithy to my friends"
"Thats right, your clever arent you?!"
"What have you done with Frank!?"
"Nothing, he's safe, putting up quite a fight for his phone actually - Arrows having trouble holding him."
"Yes, Arrow, he's a friend of mine."
"Why have you got Frank? Where are you taking him?!"
"Now why would I tell you that?"
"Temper temper! Now, I'm not going to tell you anything, its sooo much nicer to have you guess!"
"Tell me where your taking him or I swear I'll -"
"What? What will you honestly do? Hit me, kick me, BITE me?" 'Smith' chuckled.
"Oh, have to go, we've reached our destination. If you like I'll give you a clue..."
"A clue?"
"Thats right - Its somewhere so obvious that you'll never find it"
"I love riddles! Dont you?"
"Well...I suppose you can say goodbye, after all, it only seems fair that you can hear his voice in his last few days of his life..."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean what I said"
"Well, heres Frankie, you have about 1 minute" Gerard was pale and Mikey looked like he was ready to be sick.
"Gee, they've taken me somewhere not far from yours...I...I cant see out the window" Frank sounded like he was stretching.
"I will Frank I promise!"
"Oh no thier coming back!"
"Dont worry Frank, I'm coming to get you!" Frank sounded as if he was about to say something but then the call ended and Gerard and Mikey stared at eachother, thier faces filled with panick.
"What are we going to do?" Asked Mikey. Gerard licked his lips.
"I...we've got to go save him. Dont you have that dagger you got for christmas off gramps?" Asked Gerard. Mikey nodded numbly.
"Alright. And I've got one aswell, go get yours, I'll get my phone and my dagger and then we'll go get Frank" Mikey did as he was told and Gerard got up, He picked up his crucifix necklace, not sure of why he would need it, but he put it on anyway. Then he grabbed the dagger his grandfather had given him. It was a sharp, fine weapon. Given to him as an ornament really, but it could still kill, Gerard sheaved it and attached it to his belt, he picked up his phone and put it on silent before slipping it in his pocket.
He met Mikey in the hallway, Mikey's dagger was also on his belt and he put his phone on silent. He was also wearing a crucifix necklace.
"I dont know why I put it on...I just felt like I needed to" He said, spotting Gerards. Gerard nodded, same with him.
"Should we tell mum?" Asked Mikey as they walked downstairs. Gerard shook his head.
"No...I dont know why, just dont" He said, Mikey nodded.
"We're just going out to the park with Frank mum!" Called Gerard.
"Ok - be back in an hour for tea!" Thier mum called back from the kitchen. Mikey and Gerard left the house, shutting the door behind them, then they made their way to the old abandened house a few streets away.
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