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I don't know what to call this chapter!

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Gee and Mikey find Frank,but why does he think it's his fault?

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Mikey walked up the path to the house without a moments hesitation, Gerard followed him, slightly wary, this didn't feel right. Mikey grabbed the door handle and tried to turn it, only to find that it was locked. Mikey rattled the door handle for a few seconds before standing back, defeated. Gerard looked at his younger brother.
"We could...smash it down?" He offered, Mikey laughed and shook his head.
"Don't you think Smith, or whatever his name was, just might hear it?" He asked, Gerard scowled.
"We can't just give up" He said, Mikey smiled and Gerard realised he had a plan.
"I never said 'give up'" Mikey pulled two small, thin, sharp peices of metal out of his pocket. Gerard stared at them, they looked like tiny crow bars.
"We were taught how to pick locks in summer camp" Said Mikey. Gerard raised an eyebrow as Mikey slotted a piece of metal into the lock and used the other piece to gently manouvre it around, after about 3 minutes there was a satisfying click and the door opened. Mikey stood back and grinned at an open mouthed Gerard.
"What camp did you go to Mikey!?" He asked, Mikey shrugged.
"Not important" He replied walking into the house. Gerard followed him, shutting the door quietly. They had entered a fair sized hallway, lined with old portraits of people who once lived there. Ahead of them was a staircase, to the left was a door. To the right was a doorway, Gerard peered through it, inside a room there was a huge fireplace, and a dining table with the remains of a meal laid out on it.
Mikey had opened the door to the left, he frowned, it was just an empty room except for a book case. Gerard entered the room, as if by doing so a door would appear, obviously one didn't and so he left it.
"Upstairs?" Asked Mikey, Gerard nodded and they set off up the stair case.
On the landing, a cold breeze was blowing, its source was an open window in another empty room. Gerard walked in and looked out the window. Below was what once would have been an amazing garden, but now all the plants seemed to be dead and weeds were over grown, covering what would have been a path many years ago.
"Hey Gee, look at this" Whispered Mikey, Gerard didn't know why he was whispering, but he felt glad that he was, as if they needed to. Gerard looked at the small photo in Mikey's hands. It was a black and white picture of a family, standing in the garden, all smiling widely. It looked so fake!
A sneeze caused Mikey and Gerard to jump. It had come from one of the rooms. The door was ajar and Gerard walked over and quietly pushed it open.
The two men that Gerard and Frank had seen before were asleep, one of them, the black haired one, lay asleep in the bed, the blonde guy lay on the floor, also asleep. But there was no sign of Frank.
Gerard quickly shut the door. Where was Frank!? Mikey seemed to be wondering the same. Suddenly they heard a noise from down stairs. It sounded like someone banging on a door. Gerard and Mikey ran down the stairs, the noise was coming from the room with the book case. Gerard entered, followed by Mikey.
"H...hello!?" Called Gerard.
"Gee!" It was Frank, but his voice sounded distant, like he was talking from another room.
"Frank! Where are you?" Gerard looked around desperately.
"The book case Gee! The book case!" Cried Frank. Gerard ran to the bookcase, and began looking for a switch or something.
"What do I do?" He asked.
"I'm not sure! I think you pull one of the books down or something. Please hurry though Gee! Those guys will be up as soon as its dark!" Frank answered. Mikey glanced out the window, it was sunset, he rushed over to the bookcase, helping Gerard pull down the books, 2,3,4,5 books at a time. Until, after pulling down an old, leather bound bible, the book case swung open, revealing a small room, Frank standing in the centre of it, pale and scared.
"GEE, MIKEY!" He cried running over and hugging them both.
"Frank! Oh Frankie what did they do to you!?" Asked Gerard, but Frank didn't get to answer as they heard someone moving around upstairs.
"We've got to go!" Said Mikey, quietly but urgently, Frank and Gerard nodded and the three guys ran out of the room, out the house, and then all the way back to Gee and Mikey's, never stopping for a breath, just running as fast as they could, desperate to get away.

Frank sat on Gerards bed, shaking as he held a cup of cocoa, which Mikey had insisted would calm him down. He was wrapped up tightly in a blanket, making him look like a giant marshmallow. But yet he seemed so small and scared, Gerard just wanted to hug him and tell him he was safe now and everything was going to be ok.
"What happened Frank?" Asked Mikey. Frank gulped and stared at the two brothers in front of him, Gerard's face filled with worry and curiosity, Mikey, giving him an intense, curiose stare.
"Well...I was walking to yours, and at the end of the street some one grabbed me from behind. I was pulled into the air and they began trying to stuff me in the back of some truck, I was kicking them and punching them and shouting for help, but no one heard me. After 10 minutes of struggling they got me in the truck and then they went round to the drivers seat. After about 10 - 15 minutes you guys rang me. But at the end of the call, Smith, the black haired one grabbed my phone and smashed it on the floor...they dragged me in the house by my hair and then they shoved me in that room. I banged my fists on the wall and screamed and shouted when Arrow, the blondie, pounces on me and holds me down by the neck and Smith stood above me, grinning...and...and" Frank took a gulp of cocoa while Mikey and Gerard waited for him to continue.
"He had fangs Gee, I swear down, he had fangs! And he kneels next to me and starts stroking my cheek with his finger, and his nail was really long and was scratching me and he leans forward and said to me -"Don't make this difficult Frankie Baby. You don't want us to bite you now, do you?" And then he gets up, and Arrow got off me and then they left, and as he shut the door, Smith gives me this evil smile and winks at me before slamming the door shut...I sat there until I heard you and Mikey talking, I waited a while until I had to do something and so I banged on the door until you came" Frank stopped and stared at them. Mikey's mouth was open, and Gerard looked as if he had just been slapped round the face. Frank was shaking even worse and then he suddenly began to cry, his mouth open, eyes screwed shut as he sobbed, huge tears falling down his face. Niether Mikey nor Gerard had seen such crying, the tears cascaded down Franks face like a waterfall. Gerard didn't care about what anyone would think anymore, he got up and grabbed Frank, pulling him into a strong, calming hug.
"!" Frank sobbed into Gerards shoulder. Mikey got up and rubbed Franks back kindly.
"Sssshhh, its ok, your safe now, their not going to get you, dont cry Frank...please dont cry" Said Gerard. Franks sobbing just couldn't be controlled though. Gerard held Frank for a good 10 minutes until he calmed down.
"I'm...sorry guys..." He wimpered. Mikey laughed kindly.
"For what?" He asked.
"For dragging you into this...Its all my fault." Frank answered.
"What do you mean?" Asked Gerard. Frank pulled away, his face red and tear stained.
"I guess...I should tell you" He began.
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