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Smith and Arrow pay a visit

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Title explains it all

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-08 - Updated: 2007-05-08 - 1108 words

Gerard and Mikey stared at Frank, who was staring sadly at the floor.
"You...your kidding right?" Asked Mikey. Frank shook his head. Mikey lay down, gob-smacked.
"Your dad made a potion that can turn you into a vampire...I'm sorry Frank, I just find that a little hard to believe" He said, Frank sighed.
"It wasnt mean't to turn you into a vampire. It was meant to be a way of curing that weird disease people can get, where they can't go out in sunlight or thier skin burns and cracks, and they get a craving for blood. He was reading about it on the internet, and he had a theory on how to make the cure. It's one of the worlds most rare diseases, and he thought if he could get the cure then he would wipe it out forever...but when he made it, he had to make sure it worked, but obviously he couldn't take it to some people with the disease until he knew it wouldnt harm them..." Frank stopped.
"Enter Smith and Arrow" Said Gerard flatly, Frank nodded glumly.
"Dad met them at a cafe, they were saying they wanted to do something amazing in life, or just die. Pretty morbid really. And so dad told them that if they tried out his potion, then they would become rich and famous - but it might be harmful because he had never tried it before. They agreed and they came to our house and tried the potion. They slept over, but my dad wouldn't let me see who they were. Then last night, after me and you had seen them in that house, I came home, and they were there, talking with my dad...turns out the cure, just made you feel like real vampires, but thier not immortal, but they can drain blood, but, they can't change others into vampires, I don't think they care about that though, and they can go out in sunlight, and can enter buildings without being invited..." Frank stopped again.
"Basically, they're normal other than the fact they have fangs which according to you they filed to a point them selves and, they like to drain blood. Sounds to me that the potion thing just made them go wrong in the head" Said Mikey. Frank looked up.
"Yeah...your right...maybe thats it! Maybe it just messed with thier head and we can get them to a hospital and get them changed back" He cried, hope filling his voice.
"Or...maybe, they can just kill you all right now" Said a cold voice. Gerard and Mikey turned round and gasped, Smith was leaning causally against the wall, examining his nails, whilst Arrow stood in the door way, grinning at them. Thankfully Gee and Mikey's mum had gone out, other wise she may have been killed.
"You..." Gerard glared at the two guys. Arrow looked around his early 20's, Smith looked around 18 -19. Smith chuckled.
"Gerard - isnt it?" He asked. He was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, red waistcoat, no tie and a black suit jacket. It was a strange combination, but it made him look good. His hair falling in his vivid blue eyes, giving him the appearance of a finely dressed Emo.
"Yes." Said Gerard. Smith chuckled.
"Smithy, Smith to you." He said, holding out his hand, Gerard didn't take it, and so Smith continued to talk. "I'm afraid we won't be going to a hospital, because we're fine, see, I'm feeling more alive than ever...must be because I've killed so many people already" He chuckled again.
"'ve killed someone?" Asked Frank.
"Thats right Frankie baby. About 5 people in one hour. Quite good for a first night eh? By the way do you like the name Smith, I was debating on 'Nightmare', but Smith just has that nice ring to it don't you think?" He asked.
"Smith isn't your real name?" Asked Mikey. Smith raised an eyebrow.
"Of course it isn't you twit! What kind of a mother calls her kid Smith? Or Arrow for that no, I was Gary and Arrow there was Kevin...sissy names if you ask me" He said.
"What do you want?" Asked Mikey, angry at being made to sound stupid.
"Who are you kid? Asking all these questions, and I don't even know your name, I've told you mine and so its only polite you tell me yours" Said Smith. Mikey scowled.
"Its Mikey"
"Aaaaah, so your Mikey are you? Of course, how silly of me not to have guessed!" Smith smacked his forehead with his hand.
"What do you want?" Mikey repeated. Smith smiled.
"I'm glad you asked that Mikey. See, Frankies dearest darling daddy has something I want, un - fortunately, the plan of holding Frank for randsom seems to have failed, so, we're going to do this the old fashioned way" Smith walked over to Frank, he cupped Franks face with his hands, running his nails down Franks cheeks.
"Now Frankie baby, listen to me, and listen good, because I'm only going to say this once. You tell your daddy, that if he doesn't get us some more of that potion - then we will come and kill all of his family and friends, and maybe just a few members of the public for good measure, right in front of his eyes, so he can watch them scream and die...slowly and painfully. You tell him that word for word now Frankie, theres a good boy" Smith pulled away.
"Why do you want more potion?" Asked Frank quietly.
"Ah well, we figured if we get some more of that stuff, we can make our own vampire army - we plan to take over the world hahahaha! It sounds so cheesy doesn't it, but, you just know we can succeed, vampires, everyones worst nightmares. So you make sure you tell your dad ok?" Smith looked at Frank who swallowed.
"You can't hurt my family!" He said bravely, Smith and Arrow laughed.
"How about I kill one of your little friends eh Frankie? Just to show you we mean it?" Smith lunged at Mikey, renching his head back, exposing his neck, Gerard yelled as Smith went to bite Mikey, Frank screamed out 'NO!'.
"I'll tell him, I'll tell him!" He cried. Smith dropped Mikey and got up, Mikey crawled over to Gerard and hugged him, shaking as Gerard hugged his younger brother back.
"Good boy Frankie. I knew you wouldnt make this difficult." With that Smith and Arrow left the room. Leaving Frank, Gerard and Mikey all staring at the doorway feeling more scared and alone than ever before.
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