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Didn't I use this title before?

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-FIVE: Flight

Men and women in white clothing walked by us, busily reading papers, hurriedly talking to neighbours, excitedly rushing around, it was everything a hospital was.

What hospitals are supposed to look like!

Instead of being filled with joy at the prospect of people around us, acutal human beings, I was worried. I was confused. Was this just the hospital trying to lure us again? Were these people real, or were they just there to mock us, show us what's so very out of our reach? Or were they monsturous, abominations of humans? I looked over at Mitchell, and it appeared that he was thinking the same thing. He stepped forward into the rush of people, and disappeared into the hall.

"Aw, /Christ/!" I griped, drawing a few glances. "Why'd he go and disa-"


Mitchell was running back toward me, now, looking pissed. "They're.. They're...!"

Many people were rushing toward us. The man leading them was trying to stop a bloody nose.

"You broke his /nose/?"

"They're not people!" He spat, dragging me into the room and slamming the door shut. "We have to get out of here!"

"What d'you mean, /'they're not people'/?" I asked, walking over to Angel, who was still on the bed.

"I stopped one, asked where we were, and he turned to me, and half his face was rotting off!"

"Holy shite, really? But I didn't see any rotting...!"

"I don't know, maybe I was seeing things, but when I asked again, he took a swing at me!"

"And so you punched him first."

He grinned.

"That's all well and good, but he could just be a stressed-out doctor or something!"

"You want stressed out doctor?" Mitchell opened the door a crack, and I could see a finger slip through, trying to pry it open. He slammed it shut, and I screamed as the finger snapped in the doorframe and fell into the room.

"What the HELL did you just do!?" I cried, watching the blood ooze out of the severed limb- Except there was no blood. The finger just paled and turned gray, looking very much like the finger we'd seen Marcello pull out of his mouth- "Oh my GOD."

"Told you so."

"Oh my God oh my God oh my GOD."


"OH my God ohmyGodohmy/GO/-"

"Don't say the Lord's name in vain, Hazel!"

/That/... Was not Mitchell's voice.

I spun around and tackled Angel, who had pulled out all the little needle-things, with a gleeful hug. "You're alive! Awake! Aliv-ake! /LIVING/!"

She hugged me back, tentatively at first, and pulled away looking incredulous. "What happened?"

I frowned. "I have no clue. We were keeping watch and then... There was no watch to keep." And Kevin totally sold us out, but, you know, we'll save that tidbit for when we're not in danger.

As if on cue, the people outside started hurling something heavy at the door, and we all knew it was time to get out of there. But how? The door was one hundred percent out of the question, and the air vent in this room was a tiny thing.

Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!

"Where the f-ck do we go now?"

I scowled. "If this stupid place had a window," I griped, throwing the curtain back with a florish, "we'd be set for life!"

Angel and Mitchell were gaping at me with disbelief, and I slowly turned to look at what I had revealed- Please don't let it be the end, not something horrifying, not something deadly, would be asking too much for an actual window?/- and I felt like there /was a God!

"A WINDOW!" I began to open it, grinning at the ease with which it slid upward. It was a good size too, just big enough for each of us to slide out, but not any full-grown people. Hands on the windowsill, I stuck my head out, took a deep breath, and choked on the rain-smelling air. It wasn't pretty, beautiful, happy rain-smell, it was sickly, dead worms and rotting bird carcasses rain-smell. Outside was veiled with a fog so thick, I couldn't see more than five feet in front of me, and the world seemed to blend into the sky.

A foreboding sight indeed. We would need protection.

"Is it safe?" Angel asked. I nodded.

"We need weapons. A baseball bat. A butcher's knife..." Mitchell continued to list the various things we would enjoy having to decapitate any monstrosity that came our way, while I was staring at the IV needles. They were thicker longer than I thought was safe, and dripping a mix of Angel's blood and some other colourless liquid. While alarm bells were ringing in my head for whatever the hell this sick place had pumped into her, even louder bells were ringing for something more urgent- Escape. The door was rattling now, and it seemed that it would soon come off its hinges.

"... A spear. A magnum. A Glock..."

I took hold of one needle and used it to stab off the almost empty packet of liquid it was to be transporting, leaving the long, straw-thing attached to the needle. I did the same for all six needles, and found Angel behind me, holding three long, metal poles. She had probably gotten them from the IV stand.

"How do we put this together?" I asked, drawing a blank. Supplies was easy. Making a sturdy weapon in an unknown- but very short- amount of time was difficult.

Wordlessly, Angel took two straw thingies, tied the ends together, and threaded one needle into a rod, ending up with a needle sticking out of each end of the pole. It was good, but very, very flimsy. "Now we just need something to make the needles stay."

Bang! Bang!

"... A shotgun. A rifle. An axe..."

Angel and I started scarmbling around the room, and it was under the bed that I found what I needed. "Eureka!" I held up a small, heavy hammer. "Godsend, my lovely hammer-thing!" I put the needle-pole-thing on the floor and took a whack. After a few missed hits, I made my target. The open end of the rod folded around the base of the needle, effectively trapping the little S.O.B.

Working together, Angel and I created two more double-ended spear-pole-things.

Geniuses, we were.

I tossed one to Mitchell, who caught it with a pleased surprise. "... Or this. This is okay."

The door was banging like crazy- /See? I stopped myself from making a joke! That's how bad this situation is!/- and we had milked the room for all its worth. We climbed out of the window and closed it as far as we could from the outside before carefully edging along on the gutters. We weren't near the roof of the hospital, but we were a good many stories above ground. Falling would certainly be fatal.

"Since when did we get so high?"

"I'm wondering how much higher we'll have to go."

The question was unspoken, but everyone was thinking it: What will happen if we fall?
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