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Death Has A Mouth

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Didn't I use this title before, too?!

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-SIX: Death has a Mouth

Down the ledge, past the corner, and heading toward another... The fog didn't let up at all- In fact, it seemed to get thicker the more we walked. Up here, walking was a feat within itself; the ledge was just wide enough to fit our feet, but too narrow to allow any mistakes. The walls provided no gracious footholds or anything to hold on to. We had only our spear-things to help us, and even those were more of a curse than a blessing.

Well, at the moment, anyway.

"Where are we going?" Angel asked, and it struck me- We had no idea where to go. We were wandering aimlessly, a great number of stories off the ground.

"We're going home." Though I couldn't see his face, I could imagine the expression he was making; something that portrated how determined he was to get the hell out of here. So was I. This place was screwed up beyond my wildest imaginations- And I've seen Silent Hill!


"We go down, stupid."

"Yea, let's just jump right now, that'll get us out of here. And while we're at it, let's tie a little noose around here," I pointed to my neck, "and make a few cuts on my wrists. They've always had too much colour in 'em."

I could practically hear the rolled eyes. Of course, that would sound squishy and weird, but I hope you know what I mean.

We kept walking in silence, when something made us freeze. This something made me jump first, so I was left tilting precariously toward the outer edge of the thing we were walking on.

Shattered glass!? Was that a window?!

I put my weight on the foot closest to the wall to stop myself from leaning, and turned just enough to see what had happened behind me.

If only I'd started running first.

A giant, tentacle-resembling thing had burst out one of the windows, the jagged glass drawing blood along its already wet, gray skin- It looked like it was covered in a mixture of bodily fluids, blood being the most prominent. The end of the tentacle was a sharp-toothed jaw, rotting teeth glistening with crimson. It was pointing at us, and then it lunged right at me.

I screamed, stepping backward once, and then again, and again, before I was basically running backward on a narrow ledge.

Smart move, brainiac. Do something!

I swung the spear, missing by a mile, and promptly fell backward. Fearing for my life, I clawed at the wall, trying to stop myself from falling off the ledge. The tentacle still hurtled toward me, and I tried crawling backward, but it was to no avail; the thing was right in front of my face.

It stopped just before it touched me, choosing to slowly creep closer, and I backed away as much as I could before my head hit the cement I was sitting- make that lying- on.


The tentacle stopped moving, and I could hear it straining to continue. Had it reached its limit? Would I be able to back away, farther from its range? I started to, but then the mouth opened and another jaw shot out from it. Only slightly smaller, this set of canines was completely stained with red, and was a centimeter away from biting my nose off.

Blood rained down on me, and I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Sitting up, I mused over the situation. I couldn't feel any pain, but the blood couldn't possbily be the monster's, I hadn't been able to hit it, /right/?

I started crawling backward again, faster, and just narrowly got away from being pinned under a slimy, lifeless monstrosity. Seeing its carcass, I flopped back onto my back and grinned up at the people standing above me. "You freaking /rock/. Seriously. I worship you."

Angel held her spear thing by her side. It was dripping with blood. "I couldn't let you die- If I did, who'd be there for me to own with grades?"

I rolled my eyes and made my way up- back to knees, knees to feet, about face!- feeling a rush of adrenaline from escaping that life-threatening situation. "Wheeeeeew. I thought I was gonna get eaten alive!"

"I was hoping for it."

"Ah, shut up."

We all looked down at the dead tentacle thing, and I was disgusted beyond belief. I hoped I wouldn't get infected or dissolve or anything from touching its blood. I touched my nose, making sure there were no teeth marks or scratches.

"I don't want to pass any more windows... I mean, what if one of those things burst through and shove us off and we fall and we die and we... /Die/?" Angel said, looking down at the tentacle with worry. "What happened was a total fluke, for a second, I thought I stabbed Hazel, and there's so much blood...!" She looked down at her hands, and looked like she was debating on whether or not to fling the spear-thing away.

"We crawl under them?" I suggested, already knowing this wouldn't work.

"That would take a lot of time. If it comes out a window we're crawling under, we're screwed."

"Should we just make a break for it?"

"That's... Dangerous."

"Like this place isn't."

A few windows around the corner we had earlier passed, we could hear glass exploding.

"I think this would be a good time to run...!"

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