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B&E (haha)

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-SEVEN: B&E (haha)

We bolted as quickly as possible down the ledge, with Mitchell a window or two ahead. This was a good thing, because he suddenly stopped, and if he was closer, we'd've crashed right into him. He braced himself and swung his spear at the window in front of him, hitting a few times before he drove it in. We walked up as he stabbed out large pieces of glass that might hinder any entrance. Muttering "stairs", he carefully crawled in, and we followed.

Back inside the hospital (/and solid ground, I love you, solid ground, never leave my feet again/), I felt weary. We had left the vast dangers of a high and narrow ledge to come back into the almost familiar horrors of a hospital straight out of a scary movie. A scary movie mixing all the scariest parts from /Child's Play/, /A Tale of Two Sisters/, /Nightmare on Elm Street/, and a helluva lot of others.

The stairwell was as disgusting as the hallway we had first entered- Which was a wonderfully good thing, by the way- and only led upward. The stairs down to the main floor had broken off in a crumble, descending into an untrustworthy darkness.

"Up... We go."

We started up the stairs, and as soon as we had stepped on the first one, it started to crack. Frantic, we bolted up onto the second flight, watching as the stairs crumbled and fell, shadows creeping slowly up. It didn't look like there was any damage coming our way, but this event was a clear message: You are not going back.

The hell I wasn't!

There was a door on this flight, a regular, modest door- If you ignored the bloodstains and the rust.

"Well... Should we go in?"

"It's the closest we're getting to the main floor," Mitchell stated, turning the knob. After making sure there was floor to step on, he took a few halting steps in.

Angel and I gasped in unison.

From what we could see outside, Mitchell was in a room like the one we had found Angel in, except that it was... Upside down. And with him along with it. None of the bed sheets or curtains or even Mitchell's hair seemed affected by gravity, and everything looked as it would right side up.

"Holy crap!"

"What do you see, Mitch?"

"A bed. A floor. A ceiling..."

"No, I mean... Look at us." He looked. "What do you see?"

"I..." His eyes widened. "I don't see anything."

We froze, and in a shaky voice, told him to get out of the room. He did so, and just as he stepped over the doorframe, he was right-side up again.

"Oh, there you guys are."

"You were upside-down!"

"The whole room was upside-down!"

"You couldn't see us?"

He shook his head. "I only saw the stairs. I was upside-down?"

We nodded. I looked through the doorway into the room, only to find that it was an empty, right-side-up room. "What the hell?"

Angel shook her head. "Let's just try the next floor."

Mumbling agreement, we walked up the stairs, stepping quickly to avoid the disappearing phenomena that had happened the last time. Scaring the crap out of me.

"That's just... Thaaaaat's just messed."

"No duh, Hazel. You're supposed to be smart?"

This flight was the same, empty, with only another flight of stairs, and a door. Mitchell opened this one again, and, after the routine floor check, he walked in. We heard a click, and light flooded out from the room. Inside was a single drawer, like those we had seen in the morgue, and it had that all-too familiar nameplate just above the handle: /C. Woloshyn/.

The room was white.

We slammed the door shut and ran up the next flight of stairs.

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