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I Ran, In a Circle

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So... anyone get it, yet?

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-EIGHT: I Ran, In a Circle

Mitchell was the one to open the door again. It swung open with a long, low, creak, revealing to us a brightly lit, spotless room. It had padding on the walls, floor, and ceiling, and resembled what I pictured to be a room in an insane asylum. In the center was a metal stool, and on that stool sat one of my close friends. She was wearing the pants she wore to my party, but her torso was covered in a white straightjacket, with rust-coloured stains running down the front. Her head was bowed, but there was no doubt in my mind of her identity.

"Oh, noo... Ale...!" Angel and I began to step forward, but Mitchell's words made us stop in our tracks.

"Are you stupid? She's just going to jump up and tear out your throats or something if you get close enough! Let's just keep going!"

I turned back to look at him, feeling disgusted. "She's going to 'jump up and tear out our throats'? /God/, Mitchell!"

"Ale wouldn't... Would she? I mean, I didn't attack you guys, maybe she's just waiting for someone to come and help her, like I think I was!" Angel suggested. We looked back into the room to find that Ale had indeed been waiting for us. She was standing now, staring at us, her eyes pure black.

She snarled.


We bolted up the stairs, and I could hear her footsteps behind us. We twirled around once we reached the next flight, thankful to find that Ale had been engulfed by the darkness.

Mitchell mocked us in an annoyed, high-pitched voice: "'Maybe she's just waiting for help!' Jesus! You guys aren't allowed to make any more decisions!" Without waiting for a response, he yanked the door open.

We were met with a horrific sight- The room, a white, little box, was oozing out blood from the corners, and there were hooks hanging from an invisible ceiling. On each hook, you could see the back of someone's neck, impaled upon the rusted metal, skin stretching with the weight of whoever it belonged to. The rest of the body was in a body bag, making the room look like some sick joke of a morgue. The smell was sickening, a combination of rotting and blood.

In the center stood Andrew, beside a metal gurney.

He held three hooks between his fingers, and as he noticed us, he
brandished them toward us, looking like a twisted version of Wolverine. His clothes were stained with (fresh?) blood, and his eyes were, like Ale's, pools of ink.

We were moved forward. Behind us, the door closed.

He stepped forward.


I stared, wide-eyed at Andrew, feeling shivers down to my toes. I didn't know where to move, what to do, and he was walking toward us. Suddenly, he darted forward, and we screamed, all scrambling away from the line of fire.

"Now would be a good time for decision making, Mitchell!" I yelled, exasperated. I was crouching behind one of the hanging body bags, trying to stifle my breath and see what was going on. I heard footsteps, slow, calculated footsteps, but couldn't tell if they were coming toward me.

Out of nowhere came a tearing sound, and, horrified, I looked up to find Andrew, having just torn through the body bag, bits of pale flesh clinging to the hooks. He looked down at me with an evil, sadistic grin, and I shrieked for all I was worth as I dove to the side. Seeing him saunter toward me, I scrambled around a body bag and dove into the farthest corner. I no longer cared about the blood oozing from above me, and ignored the warm, wet wall I backed into.

This is the safest place to be. You can see from every possible angle, and-

Even my thoughts were cut off, replaced by sheer terror. From behind me came a pair of arms, one hand covering my mouth, the other wrapping around my torso and yanking me backward. I flew through the wall- /What the f-ck!/- and was thrown onto the floor of a strange, new room. The white, tile floor's cleanliness was destroyed by the blood I had trailed into the room. Around me, the place was an empty room, but darkness that lingered at the edges seemed to be creeping toward me.

I was getting cold.

I started to stand up, but then I thought about a plan of action: Where was I going to go? It was getting colder the closer the darkness crept to me, and it surrounded me. Gulping, I stepped toward the shadows, and

Screams. Excrutiating pain. Children's voices. Laughing, their tone much too sinister to be created by a child. The sound of something ripping, something that isn't cloth. Wailing. I'm... I'm being eaten alive. The sounds around me, they're teeth nipping at my skin- No, not nipping, they're gnawing, they're biting, they're chomping down on my flesh. It hurts, but I can't scream. I can't make a noise. I can't move. I can only feel the pain, feel each piece being pierced through and ripped off, feel the air hit my innards and sting, feel the blood gush from where the veins have been savagely torn

I leapt back from the darkness, falling hard onto the floor, gasping, my lungs screaming desperately for air. The darkness was heading faster toward me, and the only thing in existence I could see was the small circle of floor I was sitting on. I pulled my knees to my chest, trying to refrain from touching even the smallest piece of the shadows.

I don't want to die

I could hear the noises again, faint but clear, and they are like the trumpets sounding my personal apocalypse.

Not like this

I slam my hands over my ears, trying to disappear into myself. It's no use, I was surrounded and my haven was getting smaller. The darkness floats about my lower body, feathering about like smoke. It's like it's teasing me, making the screams louder and giving me

I don't

Giving me samples of what's in store, showing me the pain that I had so recently experienced. If I am swallowed by this darkness, will I die? Or will I continue to experience the horrific sensation of my skin being ripped off for the rest of my life?

I won't

Or is that death?

I'm NOT going to die like this!

Suddenly, I was falling. Around me, I saw flashes of odd images whoosh by, was that my house? Is that the school? What big building is that? That one's pretty tall... Is that a... Stone angel?

Just as suddenly as I fell, I landed, painfully, on my back, and on a metal gurney.

Around me, there were body bags suspended by hooks, and three hooks were speeding in my direction.

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