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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-NINE: Fight

Instinctively, I screamed, pushed myself up into a sitting position, and kicked out toward the hooks with one foot while trying to bring the other as close to myself as possible. My foot connected with Andrew's hand, sending it off course, but it caught the shin of my other leg. The hooks dragged down across my shin, tearing through the cords I wore and the skin I loved.

Frantically, I scrambled backward, tearing up at the pain. Three rusted hooks that had previously already gone through some other human body, three hooks- sosharp!/- three hooks- /three hooks!

Andrew swung the hooks toward me again, and I spun myself off the gurney, almost tripping due to the jolt of pain shooting up my leg.

"Jesus Christ/! What's /wrong with you!?" I cried, limping as quickly as possible behind a body bag. I heard him snarl as he swung again, the hooks ripping into the body bag and tearing it open. I made a mad dash for the door, which was on the far side of the room, trailing blood as I went.

Where're Angel and Mitchell!?

I heard rapid footsteps behind me, and knew it was psychotic!Andrew charging for another attack. I turned to face him, and then threw myself behind yet another body bag as he collided with the door; the padlock I didn't see before clattered against the heavy wood, a dull echo of what used to be hope.

F-ckf-ckf-ck, it hurts hurts hurts...!

Andrew was running again. I took a grip on the bodybag in front of me and yanked myself up, shoving it in his way and using the momentum to help me run. My leg was throbbing with pain, and Andrew was learning to recover more quickly from his missed hits. If things went on the way they were, I'd be running in circles, and he'd eventually catch up.

I ran to the gurney in the middle of the room, and grabbed its edge, and got ready to do some major shoving, only to find that there was no assailant.

Am I home free?

I didn't feel safe. If anything, I felt in even more danger.

The blood is creeping up the walls...

Stiffly, I waited, my grip on the gurney tightening. My eyes scanned the room around me, looking for any kind of movement, but I was getting dizzy. Did I lose too much blood or something? Or was I just plain tired?

Maybe I should've gone with the others

I shifted my weight from one foot to another. My vision was blurring. My mentality was shattering.

It would've been so much easier

I heard a roar come from behind me, but, unlike in normal circumstances, I didn't jump or scream with surprise. I merely froze, feeling an icy emotion burst through my veins.

To just disappear


Just disappear

I can't!

So much easier

I don't want to!

Easier, isn't that what you want

No, I-

No hassle, no pain

-I don't-

Isn't that what you want

What I want-

I spun the gurney around and rammed it into Andrew, steering backward and pinning him into the corner. He lashed out wildly with the hooks, each curve and point shining with my blood. I wasn't afraid of those things anymore. I was no longer aware of the screaming pain in my shin. There was only one thought in my mind, and it consumed my entire being:


Two arms burst through the walls, wrapped themselves around Andrew, and yanked him backward into whatever hellish place they had come from. I stumbled forward, the resisting force behind the gurney now gone. Staring blankly in front of me, I contemplated what had just happened.

I fell to my knees and put my face in my hands.

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