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"It has to be, it just HAS to be...

"Please let it be a dream, a horrible nightmare...!

"I'm not confident anymore, I'm not! I'm alone now!

"Please let it be a dream, please...!

"I can't take it much longer! I can't! I'm going to...

"I'm going to die here, aren't I? But... But I don't want to die!

"Please, please, please, let this just be a dream... That's all I ask, all I ask..."

"Maybe I'll wake up from this."

gjnhjfdhns: Part THIRTY: Escape

I probably would have stayed there- on my knees, one leg dripping blood onto the dirty floor, with my face in my hands- had it not been for the person behind me. I didn't hear a thing, not a footstep, not a breath, but I just knew there was somebody there- Kinda like that feeling you get when someone's watching you, you know? Except I didn't feel creeped out or anything.

I was pissed.

At least, I think I was; I know I wasn't sad or anything, because I hadn't been able to cry, not even for the pain in my shin, but I was feeling something definitely unpleasant, and I wasn't about to acknowledge somebody just because they were there.

Funny, I always thought that I'd love to find someone else with me in a situation like this, but at the moment, I didn't give a damn. It could have been Clark Kent for all I cared. Anger, mixed with my aching soul, consumed my mind.

I took my time getting up. I stared idly ahead of me, watching the sickly drip of the blood, which had returned from wherever it was creeping toward. After a moment, I turned to face my newest companion.

"... It's you."

He looked a mess; blond hair was more messed up than I had ever seen it, and his clothes were torn, some places stained with a dark colour.

/I doubt it's his own blood/, I darkly mused. Maybe, if I hadn't just had to push one of my friends into the arms of some hellish creation, and if I hadn't lost the only other people I knew I could trust, and if my leg wasn't sobbing with sluggish agony, and if the person in front of me wasn't... Maybe I would've been happy to see him.

Maybe, maybe, maybe...

"Yea. It's me."

We were silent for a moment, before he brought a hand down to his foot, and presented me with a key.

My eyes scanned the small piece of crafted metal, it looking old and gritty. I stepped forward, and my hand hovered above his. With uncertainty, I looked up at him.

"It's for the padlock," he moved his head in the direction of the door, "there."

Expecting him to yank it out of the way before I could touch it, I quickly snatched it up. The sharp points bit into my curled fingers, but I didn't want to chance losing it. "You had it in your sock...?"

He looked away. "I wasn't supposed to have it at all."

I walked past him to the door, slid the key into the lock, and turned it clockwise.

It... Opened.

I had my hand on the knob, but a sudden question held me back. I looked back, finding sitting on the gurney. "You're not coming?"

He shook his head.

My hand still on the knob, I asked another question. "Where're.... Where are Angel and Mitchell?"

He leaned back onto his hands. "Psh. Stupid question."

I opened my mouth to ask why, but I felt a rush of movement beneath me. Looking down, I saw that the filth on the floor was creeping up the walls and disappearing at the ceiling, much like the blood had been doing earlier. The room was gradually become white, and I heard the unzipping of the body bags

No, they're not in the body bags, that'd mean that they're.. Dead, and they can't be dead, they aren't dead, I can't... I can't look, I can't look, it might be- It can't be... Not hanging on those hooks by their necks, not them, no no no...!

I yanked open the door and ran up the next flight of stairs.

Not once did I look back.

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