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The Voice Inside

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That's a song, innit?

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gjnhjfdhns: Part THIRTY-ONE: The Voice Inside

"Where's my spear-thingy? I'd feel a helluva lot safer if I had my spear-thingy..."

I had taken to talking to myself, pacing in front of the door on this flight. I was debating on whether or not to open the thing.

I'm unarmed. I'm alone. I'm scared to death. I could die in there. On the other hand, what if there are friends in there- friends with the whites still in their eyes? And my only other option is up, what will I do when I get to the top?

I looked at the gaping black hole where the down stairs were supposed to be. I wasn't going to test those waters any time soon.

I'll... I'll just take a peek. Yea. Make sure I know what's in there. Slam the door at any sign of danger. Run like the wind up those stairs. Rinse and repeat.

Exhaling, I cast a weary look at the beaten-up door in front of me. The hinges were reddening, and the doorknob looked to be the only part of the door that wasn't completely covered in filth. With the pads of my fingers, I turned it, and tentatively gave it a push.

There was a row of people standing there, very closely to one another, and as the light burst into the room, they looked up. Their eyes had no pupils, and their mouths were lined with crusted blood; the lips had been sown shut.

I screamed.

They started forward, and I saw the reason they were standing so close together: Like it had been magnified a hundred times, a large thread skewered them all through the torso, running from wall to wall, making them look like a sick mockery of a necklace. I wanted desperately to slam the door shut and run for my life, but the people couldn't get anywhere in the situation they were in, and this room might have something important in it.

I scanned the perimeter of the room, trying not to look at the string of strangers in the center, and noticed only one thing: The room was white.

Suddenly, one of the people opened their mouths and let out a disgusting groan, one of their hands reaching toward me

And reaching

And reaching

It shot forward, and I shrieked with fright, slamming the door shut. I heard the snap of a bone breaking, and saw that a finger had gotten caught in the door.

It fell to the floor, already gray and blending in with the dust.

That should not be a sight I was getting used to.

I ran up the next flight of stairs, and leaned against a wall to catch my breath. Images of those pale, pale arms, and Andrew being ensnared and disappearing through the wall, and the memory of the screams flashed through my mind. I hauled myself away from the wall, stumbling in my panic.

This place is driving me insane and and and nobody knows it

I looked at the door, it being no different from the other doors. The room inside was probably no different, either- The same traumatizing horrors, fancy new wrapping. I reached toward the knob, turned it

And then it was gone.

I think I'm going crazy crazy crazy

Just like that, there was no knob. I looked in disbelief at where my hand was, and then stepped back to look at the whole door.

Like the grinning moon in the sky, the knob was on the door, right in the center, laughing at me like a hyena. I leaned forward, had my hand on it, made sure I gripped it tightly, and twisted it.

It disappeared.

Driving me insane insane insane

Once I found it, I took hold of the knob with both hands, and turned it. Again, it had left, reappearing now at the top corner of the door. I couldn't reach it. Growling in anger, I gave the slab of wood a hard kick.

To my great surprise, it swung open.

I saw stairs.

I turned to look behind me, and found that the darkness was not only creeping toward me from downstairs, but from the up/stairs, too. Of course, these new stairs were the only way to go. I stepped forward, letting out a little '/eep!' as the door slammed shut behind me. I began my trek up the stairs, ever so weary of my surroundings.

It was silent.

I was

and nobody knows it but me


For what seemed like the longest time, I walked up those stairs. My reprieve came in the worst way. What a shock it was to find out, so abruptly, that the floor was gone.

I ran out of stairs.

I'm falling...

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