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Heart to Heart

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Five girls celebrating their 19th birthday go to New York... What happens when Fall Out Boy is also there because a delayed tour?

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Yawning, Lindsey blearily opened her eyes. Waiting for them to adjust to the light, she glanced around the room. Confused she tried to sit up but quickly stopped when she felt something around her waist. "What the hell...?" she thought. Looking down, she saw Pete sleeping peacefully on the couch. Giggling at his bed head she finally remembered where she was. Looking for the others, she spotted them each laying on the same couches they were sitting on last night. Amanda and Miranda were both curled up beside Joe and were using him as a human pillow. Alex and Andy were both huddled under a blanket on the couch. The best were Daryan and Patrick. Daryan was sleeping peacefully under a blanket sprawled out over the couch while Patrick, who was currently on the floor, was shivering from the cold.

Giggling to herself, Lindsey gently moved Pete's arm and got up off the couch. Wandering over to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror." I think that all four of the Harry Potter movies after the Notebook was too much," she thought as she looked at her tired looking complexion. Finishing in the bathroom, she made her way into the kitchen. Craving her morning coffee fix she searched the kitchen for the coffee maker. Finally locating it, she let out a cry of victory. However, she took a closer look at the machine. "There has to be like 30 buttons on this thing!" Looking closer, she noticed something else, "And not one of them says ON!"

"Fucking stupid machine...I just want one cup of coffee! Is that too much to ask you bastard piece of shit!" Lindsey muttered as she began pressing random buttons on it.

"You stupid thing! All I want is a cup of coffee! It doesn't even have to be good! Arg! I hate you!" Mid rant, she was interrupted by giggling.

"Lindsey, the coffee maker doesn't care." A voice teased.

Quickly turning around, she spotted Daryan in the doorway and glared at her. "Think its funny do you? You make it work then!" she pouted.

Five minutes later Daryan and Lindsey were happily sipping away at their coffee. "Oh shut up... you know I'm blonde in the mornings." Lindsey said with a laugh while Daryan was smirking at her. The two sat in silence for a few moments. "So how incredibly weird is this. We are sitting here, in Fall Out Boy's kitchen while the boys and our closest friends are sleeping in the next room. Am I the only one that thinks this is weird?" Lindsey asked Daryan. "In a good way of course."

Daryan paused, "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Who would have thought that five girls like us would meet and become friends and maybe more," she added with a smirk, "with Fall Out Boy. Like come on, one, we are from Canada and two, New York definitely has like 11 000 000 people in it. What are the odds? Oh well, I'm not going to over think it. Patrick's a really cool guy. I don't feel stupid around him because he's just as goofy as I am. I like not having to feel self-conscious. It's too early to tell really, but I have a feeling that we're going to last for a while..." She trailed off grinning.

"Well I'm happy for you. After Jar..." Lindsey trailed off at Daryan's death glare." Um, your last relationship you deserve this. I'm not sure what to do about Pete though. I like him... a lot, but... there are a lot of things that he doesn't know about me, my family, my inexperience... Oh my god! What do I do about that! I've never really been in a proper relationship before! How do I compete with all the girls that I know are so much more experienced! I've never really even kissed a guy properly before! Now Pete wants to go on a date with me! A real date! What am I going to do?" She asked Daryan frantically.

"Calm down, honestly. Breathe in, breathe out...better?" Lindsey paused then nodded. "It's not that big of a deal. After or during your date, whichever you prefer, talk to him. I'm sure he'll understand. By the looks of last night, he's really into you. Please, don't let him talk you into anything you don't want to do or you're not ready for okay? Please promise me that. I don't want to see you hurt." Daryan said.

"Yeah I know. The same thing goes for you and Patrick. I like him but if he hurts you, I'll hurt him. Make sure he understands what he's up against should he do anything stupid. Remember the promise we made back at the beginning of high school?


"I can't believe that those three of are fighting over a guy. They've been friends forever and now their not even talking. I seriously hope that won't happen to us." Lindsey said with a worried look on her face.

"That can't happen to us. We're too close for that to happen." Amanda commented.

Then Daryan jumped in "Let's all promise that no matter what happens, we will never let any guy come between our friendship."

Alex and Miranda looked at each other and burst out laughing as they exclaimed," Sista's before Mista's!"

End Flashback

The two heard noises in the other room. "Let's make sure we stick to that promise and remember if you have anything you want to talk about I'm here for you. We all are." Lindsey reminded Daryan.

"Yeah I know. Same goes to you." Daryan said as she hugged Lindsey.

"Oooh girl on girl action. In our own house. Mind If I get a video camera?"

"Andy!" The girls both exclaimed laughing.

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