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The Notebook

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Five girls celebrating their 19th birthday go to New York... What happens when Fall Out Boy is also there because a delayed tour? *Go easy on me.. its my first shot at this*

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Pretending was definitely not necessary for Lindsey, as yet another scream came out of her. Daryan had completely given up on watching the movie and was hiding in Patrick's arms. Miranda and Amanda weren't much better off. While they were silent, both were clutching Joe and occasionally were hiding behind him. Alex would just laugh as Andy let out scream after scream during the movie. "So much for being some tough guy," She teased him.

Finally, the movie ended and the guys erupted in laughter. "I thought you said you liked horror movies?" snickered Pete.

"I do! But that one scared the shit out of me! We are so picking the next movie."

At the look on Pete and the other guys, faces Alex added. "NO restrictions either."

Laughing evilly the girls went into the next room to discuss which movie to pick and the guys were left to themselves. "We shouldn't be scared. Should we?" Just then, a round of laughter from the girls floated into the room.

"Umm no, we shouldn't be scared. We should be terrified. Yup, that's definitely the word to be used here." Stated Pete. At that, the five girls entered the room. Smirking, the girls returned to their spots as the opening credits came on the screen.

The guys just stared at the screen. "What's the Notebook?" Patrick finally asked. looking around at each other for an answer. When none of the guys seemed to know, the girls just began laughing.

Shushing them, they simply replied, "You'll see," and settled themselves in for the movie.


Snickering, Lindsey got up to turn on the lights. As soon as she did, the guys frantically began to clear their throats and wipe their eyes.

"Ha! What w-was that? That was so not p-payback for that hor-r-ror movie." Joe replied. The girls collapsed in laughter. Returning to the couch, Lindsey sat next to Pete and drew him into a hug.

"Aww come on baby it's okay." She comforted. The effect was ruined when she burst out laughing. "You are such girls! That teaches you guys to scare us thinking you can be all manly and protect us from the movie!"

"Who's coming with me to get some food? All these emotions are making me hungry." Amanda said with a smirk. With a chorus of "Me's!" All but Pete and Lindsey got up to go to the kitchen. As Lindsey made to get up, she was grabbed around the waist and pulled back down beside him on the couch.

"And where do you think you're going? I haven't gotten revenge on you for that movie yet." Confused, Lindsey just stared. Suddenly, Pete began attacking her sides with his hands making her squeal with laughter.

"Ok, Ok, I promise I will never make you watch The Notebook again. Happy?"

"Hmm not quite, I think you could do much better than that"

"Okay okay, you're the bestest hottest bass player I know!"

Suddenly stopping, Pete looked down at her smiling. "Hottest eh? I like the sound of that."

Panting Lindsey and Pete looked at one another. Not even noticing, they began to draw closer together until their lips were only a few centimeters away. "Hmm. And you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met." And with that, Pete gently touched his lips to hers. Keeping it relatively tame, Pete pulled away and rested his forehead against Lindsey's. "Want to go out with me tomorrow? Just me and you?"

"How could I ever say no to you?" she replied with a smile. Readjusting themselves on the couch with Pete laying down behind her with his arms around her, they waited for the return of the others with huge smiles on both their faces.
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