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Currently one of my best stories on fanfic and so I thought I'd carry it over here. Dana is seriously mixed up! She cheated on her Logan! Left him! Her new boyfriend, Warren cheats on her and she i...

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I don't know!

Chap 1

A/n: This just something I came up with at night before I went to sleep then I built it into an after, before and during school project!

God I wish I hadn't left him! I had everything authority, popularity, money and best of all love. Then I met him, Warren. I thought I loved Warren, but then he cheated on me, a thing my ex-boyfriend would never have done, but I did to him. I suddenly felt what it was like to have all sense of security whipped out from underneath me. I must have done that to him, the kind sensitive Logan Reese. I know you must be thinking Logan Reese, kind and sensitive, yeah right, well he changed for the better when I came back from France. When I left him I left the gang only to wave to or say a muffled hello in the halls. Logan can't meet my eye anymore and I can't meet his. He has this new girl now, she's a blonde bimbo, she's always on his arm. Her name's Julie. She's in my maths class and as thick as two short planks. So not his type, since he changed anyway. Warren cheated on me with Julie's friend Andrea, another blonde with no IQ. So now I walk about PCA all on my own. Depressing really. Dana Cruz, a loner. Dana Cruz, a loser. Dana Cruz, an outcast. That's me! I have no-one! I mean why would I need anyone! I'm fine on my own, why shouldn't I be? I'm Dana Cruz.

Now I know who I love. I love Logan. I shouldn't have let him go. I shouldn't have gone to Warren. I now have a year, yes this is senior year, to win Logan over or I may not see him again. I may not get to see any of my old gang it again. I can't let him or them go, they mean everything to me. I need them, especially now! Where to start? Where to begin?

I walked around campus looking for Warren. This is when we were still togetherHe'd promised to meet me at the fountain. He wasn't there. Just that Julie, kissing Logan. Logan gave me an evil 'go away' stare. I gave him an 'I don't care care if you hate me' look. Of course I actually cared, but I didn't want him to know that!

I searched for Warren everywhere, then I went back to the fountain. There was Warren, standing there as though he'd been there all along.

"Where have you been?" he had the guts to ask me.

"Looking for you." I said flatly.

"I promised I'd meet you here, silly!" Warren smiled.

"I came here first and you weren't here." I said threw gritted teeth.

"Well sorry, I got held up!" Warren said rather annoyed.

"By who?" I asked curiously.

"My mates!" Warren shrugged.

"But I just saw them and they said they hadn't seen you for at least an hour." I said just keeping my temper.

"Well-it-was-my-my-other-friends." Warren stammered.

I punched his arm.

Don't lie to me!" I shouted.

"O.K! O.K!" Warren moaned, "I was on my own, in my dorm."

"Don't lie! I checked your dorm that's where your mates were." I punched his arm again, "I don't want to know where you were." I concluded.

Warren looked at his feet, that confirmed it. Warren was cheating on me.

"Who is she?" I stared him down.

"Dana, please!" Warren begged.

"Who is she?" I asked a little irritated.

"Dana! At least get inside first!" Warren pleaded.

"Why?" I said angrily.

"Please!" Warren kissed me on the head, the kiss of death.

"Fine!" I said moodily.

I practically speed-walked to my dorm. I've got one to share with Andrea and Julie now. Julie smiled at me nervously and Andrea didn't even look up. Warren walked in behind me.

"Girls, can I have a minute with Dana?"

"Sure, Warren!" Andrea said in a way that I now know was flirtatiously.

"Sure." Julie mumbled.

The two girls left the room. I turned and faced him.

"Tell me!" I ordered.

"Dana, sit down!" Warren told me.

"I don't want to sit down!" I yelled, "Just tell me who your little hussie girl is?"

"O.K! O.K! It's-it's Andrea!" Warren looked at the floor.

I was stunned, I couldn't move.

"Babe?" Warren asked worriedly.

"Don't babe me!" I screamed, "How long?" I asked desperately.

"Since, the start of the semester." Warren mumbled staring at the floor.

"Get out." I said barely above a whisper.

"What?" Warren asked foolishly.

"Get out!" I yelled.

Warren put his arms around me. I pushed him away. Then I punched his chest.

"Get out! Get out! Get out!" I screeched.

I then broke down crying. Warren held my wrists.

"Why? Why?" I sobbed.

I jumped on my bed. Warren came over. I kicked him away and rolled over. I sobbed into my pillow.

A few minutes later I heard the door click. I assumed Warren was gone. I cried even more.

After about fifteen minutes I heard the door click again and the voices of Julie and Andrea, gossiping.

I was so distraught I could only hear one line, "Serves her right for doing the same to Logan."

Who cares who said it, all I know is that it was said.

The two carried on for what seemed like years, while I calmed down. After a while I drifted off to sleep.

I dreamt that I had never come back to PCA. I still lived with Mama in France I had another boyfriend, Pierre. He was cool. An O.K. guy, could say. I was in France for a year. I went for one reason and one reason only, Mama. I came back coz I had to. I had to get away from it all. Away from Tash.

I woke up sick. I hadn't felt so sick since leaving Logan or since Tash. Oh Tash, how I miss you. I should have taken her with me. I should have taken her. I should have done. I need her. She's the only person I have hope in. Please send her over. She's the only thing I have ever done right in my whole cooked up life. I need her here. I need her here now!

This is where I am now thinking all of this over. Wishing for Warren, wishing foe Logan and most of all wishing for Tash. How I miss Logan. It doesn't make sense. I didn't miss him one bit when I left him, but now I miss him like hell.

I really am sick! Sick of my life. Sick of everything. Sick of Warren. Sick of Julie. Sick of Andrea. And sick of Mama. I'm not sick of Tash anymore. I just want my old life back. The life where I always fought with Logan, I always got annoyed with Nicole, Zoey was always trying to make everything perfect, Michael was Michael and Chase was over league crushing on Zoey. There was that new girl as well, Lola. The whole reason I'm stuck in a room with tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber. I will never have that again. Not now! Not ever! Zoey doesn't think I'm 'perfect' enough to be in her little gang. At the time I told her she could stuff it up her ass, but in actual fact I would kill to be a part of that group now. I would honestly kill!

It must be something like 9:00 am now. I've a woken to some strange noises out side my door. I get up and walk dizzily to the door. I open the door slowly, I have to hold onto the door frame to steady myself. The door opens faster than I'd hoped. I grasp the door frame to stop myself falling over. I peer down the corridor. Two girls, there backs are to me, so I can't tell who they are.

"Look I had a fucking rough night last night, keep the noise down!" I shout at them.

"Dana?" one of the girls queries.
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