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Currently one of my best stories on fanfic and so I thought I'd carry it over here. Dana is seriously mixed up! She cheated on her Logan! Left him! Her new boyfriend, Warren cheats on her and she i...

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I Don't Know

Chap 2

A/n: Who were the two girls? Let's find out!!!!!

"Yeah that's my name!" I shoot.

One of the girls spins around.

"Dana, it's me! Nicole!" the one on the left screeches.

I throw my hands to my ears.

"We, me and Zo, came to see if you were alright!" Nicole asks almost normally.

"It's all over campus already?" I ask worriedly.

"No, no! Julie told Logan, Logan told Chase and Michael and they told us!" Nicole rambled.

"Oh!" I sigh relieved.

I'm worried though coz one of my best friends is still not saying anything.

"So how are you?" Nicole asks seeing me frowning at Zoey's back.

"Fine!" I mumble, "So how are you?"

"Good! Good!" Nicole muttered.

"Zoey at least talk to me!" I protest.

"Why?" She asks then immediately clamps her hand to her mouth.

Zoey spins round and faces me with an ugly scowl plastered on her face.

"You don't get it do you?" She asks angrily.

"Get what?" I ask puzzled.

"That I don't want to be your friend anymore!" Zoey yells.

"I get that! I didn't ask you to come here! You came here coz you were worried! For that I thank you! But if you're gonna bad mouth me and say that you don't wanna be my friend, then leave!" I shout stubbornly.

"Look Dana! I don't want to leave! I have just as much right to be here as anyone! I actually came coz Nicole dragged me here!" Zoey whispers angrily.

"Yeah, but you could still leave!"

"God, you are so like Logan!" Zoey quickly clamps her hand back to her mouth.

I roll my eyes. Brilliant, just as I forget about Logan, SHE reminds me!

"I'm SO sorry! You don't want anything to do with him!"

"I do!" I want to scream it, but all I do is mutter it.

"What you do now? After practically ripping his heart out! I don't believe you, you bitch!" she hit a sore spot.

"How could you? You wouldn't know a bitch she bit you in the ass!" I scream back.

"Zo, Dana! Calm down!" Nicole orders suddenly, she shock us both, " Get in the room!"


We both step in the room our heads hanging. Nicole pushes us down.

"You two are acting like-like well a babies!"

"Says the bimbo!" I state.

"Shut it!" Nicole shouts.

I obey.

"You two will make it up!" she orders.

We stare at her unbelievably.

"Now?" Zoey asks.

"Now!" Nicole screams.

"Zoey, I love Logan!"

"And all Warren had to do was cheat on you?!"

"No! I do love him!"

"So why'd you cheat in the first place?"

"It's called flare!"

"So? You can get flare any other way! You didn't have to send someone into spiralling depression!"

"Logan was in spiralling depression?"

"Basically! All he did was mope around, not flirting with anyone!"

"I am an idiot!"

"No comment!"

"You hate me, don't you?"

"Well...not completely!"


"You threw away everything! Your life! Your love! Your friends! I thought you were happy! Girls would kill to have what you had, but no you had to throw it away!"

"I didn't want to throw it away! It started as a simple fling! No-one was ever to know ever! I foolishly went back for more! More and more! Then Logan walked in on us! I let him go there and then! Then you found out! That was horrible! YOU exiled me!" with that I hide my face in my pillow.

"I didn't know it had affected you that much!"

"No-one did! No-one ever did! No-one listens! No-one ever listens!"

"Dana! Calm down!"

"I can't calm down! Not now! Not ever!"

"Yes, you can!"

I start shaking. I can't stop.

"Dana? Dana? Dana, what are you doing?"


"Yes, you can! Look at me! Breathe in! Out! In! Out!"

I do as Zoey instructs. In and out. In and out. Slowly I settle.

"Thanks, Zo!"

She leans in and hugs me. I hug her back. She always knows what to do.

"Come with us!" Nicole begs.

I nod my head. Nicole smiles. I smile. Zoey smiles.


We are now sitting in dorm 101. It feels so nice to be in this dorm again with familiar faces. Zoey, Nicole, Chase and that other girl Lola. Michael isn't there and thankfully Logan isn't either. We're just talking like nothing's ever happened. At the back of my mind I am worrying that Logan's going to come in that door and murder me. As I said that worry is at the very back of my mind.


My very fears have come true, Logan's just stepped inside the door.

"What's the bitch doing here?"

I guess he's referring to me. No-one answers.

"Don't tell me you've taken pity on her! Aw! You're so sweet! Unlike her!"

"Logan, I'm sorry!" I yell.

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry for everything!"

"Why? I get to see you go threw everything I had to!"

"I love you!"

"No you don't! You just want me back coz you have no-one left!"

"I do! I have my friends! I have my family! I especially have Tasha!"

"Who the hell's Tasha? You always moaned how much you missed her yet you never told me who she was! You said you told me everything! We all know that's not true!"

"You wouldn't understand who she was if I told you!"

"What happened that summer? Why did you come back and ruin everything with an idiot who you barely even knew?"

"Stuff happened! You wouldn't understand!"

"Stop saying I wouldn't understand! I do understand! I understand a lot!"

"Pierre and Tasha happened!"

"Who the hell are they?"

"Logan sit down!"


"I'll tell you who they are!"


"Pierre is my ex-boyfriend! From France! We had a few stupid flings! Before I was with you! When I moved there for the year!"

And I'm supposed to care?"

"Yes, I got pregnant!"


"Yes! I kept the baby!"

"Where is it then? It would be about four, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, she is four!"

"You have a four year old kid? In France?"

"Yeah that's who Tasha is!"

"You look so-so-so good!"

"Well, yes!"

A/n: What do you think? Is it too much to take in?
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