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Currently one of my best stories on fanfic and so I thought I'd carry it over here. Dana is seriously mixed up! She cheated on her Logan! Left him! Her new boyfriend, Warren cheats on her and she i...

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I Don't Know!

Chap 3

A/n: I so totally love this story! I love it more than Lovechain! Or Love Hurts and I Can Prove It! They are cool stories!

"You have a kid?" Nicole squeals.

"Mhmm!" breathe, having to take a breather, "And I miss her like hell!"

"You still didn't tell me what happened that summer! What happened two years ago?" Logan demands.

"It's complicated!"

"Just tell me!"

"You got too mushy! I need flare! You knew that! I knew that!"

"I was not mushy! Mushy is emotional, not being nice!"

"Compared to the old Logan, the one I fell in love with, you were mushy!"

"Well thank god I'm not nice anymore otherwise I'd forgive you! Which I was willing to do before you left me for the toad!"

"I'm sorry for that! I really am!"

"I don't care!"

"I don't know!"

"What don't you know? If your whole life's shit! If your whole life's gone coz of one little girl! One little girl ruined your whole life!"

"Actually if it wasn't for Tasha I wouldn't of realised that I loved you!"

"God she is bad luck! Every time you went to France in the holidays was to see that little brat?"

"Tasha is not a brat! I'll prove it to you!"

With that I push Logan out my way and march out the door. I can't believe that jerk. He offended my baby! My sweet little girl! She's the sweetest girl anyone has ever seen in their entire life. Word perfect in French and English.


I fight my way through the crowded girls' lounge and down my narrow corridor. My door is open so I push it open. Standing there is Warren and Andrea, kissing.

"Oh purlease!" I announce without even thinking.

The two whip round. Staring at me like I'm in an art gallery.

"Dana, baby! Come here!" Warren sweet talks me.

"Andrea's your baby now!" I retort.

"No, no! She's my..." his voice trails off.

"Dana, how'd Logan take the fact that you were back with HIS friends?" Andrea smirked being her evil bitchy self.

I didn't answer. Why should I? She's not worth it! I walk past the two and sit on my bed cross-legged. It's far more interesting than those two losers. I pick up my phone and phone my mum. I know she'll freak when she remembers the cost for this bloody phone call, but I need Tasha. Now that my friends know about her I'm gonna organise to bring my sweet little child over for her first trip to America, to live forever, with me. I'm leaving school this year, I'll take a gap year for Tasha, get her into school. I need to get my life sorted. Then I'll get into collage, close to home. Do my degrees then I can live my life, with Tasha, whoever I decide to marry, if I marry, and probably more kids. Mama will just have to live on her own. That's what she deserves for leaving Dad.


I phoned Mama. She's phoned Dean Rivers. Tasha's coming this weekend. She'll stay in my dorm. I'm not telling Julie, Andrea or Warren. I'm not wasting my breath on them. They're not worth it. I can't wait to tell Zoey, if she'll still talk to me. Nicole will freak, Lola will I have no idea, Quinn will want to perform some sorta medical procedure on her, Chase will zone out to think about Zoey, Michael will be Michael and Logan will be a complete jerk as normal. She's coming here! Tasha's coming to PCA! I'm so excited! I'm going to tell them now!


I knock on Zo's dorm. She answers the door and sees my huge smile. I love being happy.

"You've found a way to prove Logan wrong, haven't you?" Zoey smirks.

She's my friend. My friend. My best friend.

"Oh, yeah!" I beam back.


"She's coming here! Tasha's coming here, to PCA!"


"Tasha's coming to live here! My little girl's flying in in two days time! Then she'll stay here in America!"

"She is! Oh my GOD! I'll finally get to meet the elusive Tasha!"

"I know! Can I come in?"

Zoey leans forward to my ear, "He's in there!"

"Oh! Never mind! I'm in such a good mood not even he can make me angry tonight!"

"Could anyone make you mad tonight? Come on in!"

Zoey disappears into the room. I follow her.

"Who was-" Logan asks, and pauses coz he sees me walk in.

"Hey, everyone Tasha, Dana's daughter is coming this weekend!" Zoey announces, thankfully taking the weight off my shoulders.

"Seriously?" Nicole shrieks.

"Yeah! Too live!" I almost squeal, but I'm not an uncontrollable bimbo, thank you very much.

"That is so cool!" Lola screams.

"I know! You all get to meet my little girl! She's so sweet! And don't worry about your swearing she already knows all the words! In French and English!" I start to brag and then stop myself, I don't brag.

I glance over at Logan. He has a stupid scowl on his face. I have found a way to get the old Logan back. I secretly smirk inside.

"I still can't over the fact that you have a four year old kid! My sister Tia is her age! She still acts like a baby!" Chase exclaims.

"You'll be surprised then when you meet my lil' angel!" I show off, yes I show off.

"I hope so!" Chase smiles.

It's amazing, he's actually paying attention to the topic on hand and not tha he thinks Zoey looks good in her brand new mini-skirt or whatever. I'm glowing with pride. I haven't spoken to Zoey and the gang for two years and suddenly I'm the centre of attention all because of my four year old child. Logan is brimming with jealousy. I bet that tonight he'll be on the phone to his daddy-dearest getting him to ship in a new sound system or whatnot to try and top me, but no-one can top this! I have a daughter and she's coming here to live with me.


It's normal for the next few minutes we talk and gossip. Chase zones out again. I can see it in his eyes. They just sorta glaze over. He's probably dreaming up some situation where Zoey confesses her secret obsession with him and they kiss. I can get into peoples' minds like this because I was one of them once. Going gaga every time I was in the same room as my 'crush'. Only he wasn't a 'crush' he was a true love and I blew it. I guess that by now you've guessed who I' talking about. Logan.


It's getting late now.

"I better go! Gotta sleep! One more day of bloody classes to get through before my little princess comes!" I smile as I walk out the door.

"Bye!" I hear as I shut the door.

Surprisingly Logan's voice is amongst the others and it doesn't sound like he hates me. It sounds almost-almost normal. Spooky. I thought he would want to kill me, but no. Is that good news. Or is it just a habit. You know when someone says something you respond with the same thing you always say. Everyone else was saying 'bye', so was he saying 'bye' outta habit or because he wants to. I don't know! My head hurts.


I'm at my door now. I open it. The room is fortunately empty, so I get undress and get into bed. All I can think of is Logan. How much I regret losing him. How I may get him back. How he'll be able to meet the lil' gal who made me realise who I wanted to be with when I was fourteen. How his hair lies. How much he's changed in two years from that 'MUSHY' spoilt brat to the old Logan. The one I love. The one I fell in love with.

A/n: What do you think? What do you think will happen? What do you think will happen between Dana and Logan?
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