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Tasha is coming, but Julie and Andrea are not pleased at all.

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I Don't Know
Chap 4

A/n: Here we go again! I want to know what's going to happen!!!!! Most of what I believe is what I make Dana believe!!!!

School today, but I don't care! I'm going to see my lil girl tomorrow. She's coming. I still can't believe it. Something has to go wrong. It just has to. My whole world evolves around something going wrong. You probably think that's sad. I know, but if I didn't have that to hold on to I'd have nothing, except Tasha. Yay, Tasha's coming tomorrow. Shoot. Logan's told Julie and Andrea. I can guess. They've both come in with the most awful scowls on their faces. They glare at me.
“YOU have a kid?” Andrea snarls.
“What's it to you?” I retort.
“Is IT staying in our dorm?” Andrea barks.
“What's it to you?” I repeat.
“Is your little brat staying in our dorm or not?” Andrea roars.
“What's it to you?” I repeat again.
“Look! I know she is! So, stop your bloody pantomime act!” Andrea screams outraged.
“So what if she is?” I sigh, getting bored of this 'game'.
“Her little 'brat' is called Tasha!” Julie tries to be kind.
“Thanks Julie!” I mumble.
“Whatever IT's called I don't want IT in our dorm! IT'll probably cry all the time!” Andrea shouts.
“'IT' is four!” I shout back.
“Oh, that makes it alright, then!” Andrea moans sarcastically, “Instead let's have IT asking ridiculous questions about simple little things!”
“Tasha knows quite a lot for a child her age and she has never in her life asked me or my mom a question about 'simple little things'.” I exclaim.
I then storm out the room, down the hall and through the girls' lounge. I knock impatiently on Zoey's door. She answers.


“Where is he?” I scream.
Zoey points backwards. I storm past.
“YOU!” I roar.
“What?” he asks innocently.
“YOU told your bloody girlfriend about Tasha, didn't you?”
“Why, yes! I believe I did!”
“What did you call me?”
“What you are! An idiot!”
“I'm not an idiot! I'm smarter than you! I haven't got a child!”
“So, I have a child, who cares? Only you and your girlfriends best friend could make a drama out of that!”
“I love drama, is that a crime?”
“No, but......”
“Ah! Not got an answer to that!”
“Hey! Hey, watch your language!”
“Coz your little girl is coming over from France!”
“She knows every swear there is!”
“Your not a very good mom!”
“I know, I left her when she was a baby!”
“Oh, yes!”
“Anyway! Can you not tell your girlfriend things I'm gonna tell her!”
“Oh, I'm so sorry, but me ad my GIRLFRIEND have an open relationship!”
“Shut up!”
“No, why should I?”
“Coz your a twat!”
“I hate you!”
“You have no idea!”
“No, idea about what? How you took my heart and ripped it into shreds? How you never loved me? How you need to get a life away from my friends?”
“No! I didn't want to hurt you! I do love you! I don't need a life away, I have a life here!”
“Don't ever say you love me!”
“But I do!”
“Don't lie!”
“I'm not lying!”
“Yes! You have to be! You have to be playing a trick!”
“It's no trick!”
“Look me in the eyes and tell me that!”
I lean in and look in his eyes.
“I love you always have and always will!”
“I believe you!”
I smile.
“But, I can't love you!”
I feel my eyes filling with tears. I can't stop it. Before I can say anything my face is drenched.
“I can't trust you!”
I see his face, it's blurry, but I swear his eyes are filled with tears too.
Promise myself, I won't kiss him!
“Thank you!”
I hug him and leave the room.


Back in my dorm I lie face down on my bed. I'm crying on the inside. I could never cry aloud just in case Julie, Andrea or Warren saw me. That would be a disaster. Julie's come in. She's screaming.
“Julie what's wrong?” Andrea and I ask in unison.
“He's-dumped-me!-You've-said-something-to-him-Dana,-haven't-you?” she sobs.
I feel guilty for a split second.
“I didn't say anything!” I lie.
“Yes, you have!” Andrea screams, getting involved.
I don't answer. I won't answer.


Night time again. She's coming tomorrow morning. It seems unreal. Logan did what I said. He lost thew bimbo. Only downside is I now have a soap in my own dorm. How dramatic. Tasha's bed done up. Every thing's ready to go. Now all I have to do is get a taxis in the morning to the airport and there I'll meet my baby, my precious little princess.

A/n: Dana and Logan might get back together!!!! Tasha's coming tomorrow!!!!! What's in store for Dana???? What did you think????
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