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Tasha arrives and everything seems to be going right for once.......

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I Don't Know

Chap 5

A/n:: Fancy Pattern!!!! Yay!!! Hyper time over!!! Seriously this story rocks!!!!! Some French spoken in this chap!!! If it isn't right please tell me!!!!!!!!!

Today's the day! I'm up, dressed and in the taxi. I would have asked Logan to come, but he wasn't in his room. I think he's hiding from me. I'm not surprised! I did ask him to break up with his girlfriend, but usually he doesn't do anything I tell him.

“Dana! Wait!” someone yells as I close the door.

I shove the door open wide again. I look round. There he is! The guy you can always count on! Note the sarcasm! Logan Reese!

“Logan?” I ask puzzled.

“Wait! I'll come!”


“Of course! I dumped my girlfriend for you!”

“Hurry up! Get in!”

“I'm coming! You never change do you?”

“Oh, come on! You've known me long enough!”

“Yeah, but you change your attitude everyday!”

“Just get in! I don't want Mama and Tasha to wait long!”

Logan gets in the car. I think he wants to hold my hand. He stops. I reach over and clasp his. He smiles at me with that smile I fell in love with. Not that awful smirk, but a genuine smile. I smile back, an actual smile. I know freaky. Two people who never smile properly are smiling at each other, ironic.

“Dana, why did you ever leave me?” Logan mutters, so the driver can't hear.

“I didn't want to! First it was a one off fling! Then a full out affair! When you found out, I just couldn't admit I was wrong! I just couldn't!” I murmur, finally admitting what I dreaded.

“Why does that sound so much like you?” Logan tries to be sarcastic, but fails.

“I don't know!” I sigh, I can't get mad with him, not now.


Before long we arrive at the airport.

“That's them, right?” Logan points at a young girl and an older woman.

Weirdly, Logan picks out Tasha and Mama out right away. Freaks me out as he has never met Tasha and only met Mama once.

“Yeah! How'd you know?” I ask confused.

“They look like you!” Logan shrugs.

“Mama!” I yell to the older woman.

“Dana? Ca va?” Mama shouts to me.

“Dana!” Tasha cries.

“Dana?” Logan whispers in my ear.

I nod to answer his question and answer Mama's with, “Je suis fatiguee!”

“Oh, moi enfant!” Mama says as she hugs me.

I feel my cheeks grow warm with embarrassment.

“Mama, sil vou plait! Kis kisse en angle!” I moan.

“Oops! Sorry, Dana! I completely forgot!” Mama apologises, “Is that Warren?” she whispers.

“No, Mama! That's Logan!” I correct her.

“Dana!” Tasha whines.

“Tasha!” I whine back.

“Stop it!” Tasha protests.

“Stop it!” I copy.

“Clementine!” Tasha begs Mama.

“Clementine!” I mimic.

“Dana, please!” Mama asks.

“Fine!” I huff.

“Fine!” Tasha huffs trying to be like me.

I see Logan shake his head slowly. I give him the stare of death. He stares me out.

“Aurevoir, Mama!” I kiss her cheek, grab Tasha's bag and clasp Tasha's hand.

Tasha kissed Mama and skipped along beside me.

“Aurevoir, my babies! Aurevoir, I mean bye, Logan!” Mama waved, tears gathering in her eyes.

“Bye!” Logan replys.

“Salut, Clementine!” Tasha smiles.


We get to PCA, only to arrive in front of Zoey and the gang. They are all smiling and waving at us. I shake my head. Tasha snaps her seatbelt off and jumps up to look out the window. She whistles when she sees how big the campus is and jumps down when she sees everyone waving at her.

“Who are they?” Tasha's voice wavers.

“My friends!” I beam.

“You said no fuss!” Tasha whispers shyly.

“Hey, this is a surprise to me too! What about you, Logan?” I ask starting to suspect him.

“Beats me!” Logan shrugs truthfully.

I relax. It's probably one of Zoey's 'make everyone happy' plans. I smile. The taxi stops. We all get out. Tasha stands behind me, clutch my knee-length skirt.

“Tasha, this is Zoey, Nicole, Lola, Quinn, Chase and Michael!” I say pointing to everyone, “Everyone this is Tasha!”

“Hey, Tasha!” they all say unison.

“Dana, they scare me!” Tasha whispers.

I laugh. Logan heard too and he laughs with me. Tasha glares up at me.

“Aren't you the sweetest!” Nicole squeals.

“Dana, who is this scary girl?” Tasha clutches my skirt even tighter.

“That's Nicole! You'll get used to her!” I sigh.

“Okay!” Tasha says uncertainly, “Can we go in now?”

“Right!” Logan smiles.

Tasha looks at him suspiciously. I laugh again and get strange looks from the rest of them. Logan grabs my hand. I get even more strange looks. Tasha grabs my other hand. Their looks soften.


We're sitting in front of the 46” wide screen TV in Logan's dorm, watching those really dippy Disney movies. We have two blubbering 'babies' because we had to watch Bambi. The only thing with 'babies' is that none of them are Tasha. She sits there on the edge of the seat. Her eyes are filled with evil, so's her face. There's a knock at the door. Chase goes and answers it.

“Chase, is Logan there?” I hear a voice chirp from the door.

Logan immediately pretends to cut his throat and shake his head, but it's too late.

“Yeah, Julie! Come on in!” Chase smiles, unknowingly.

Logan pushes me away as we are sitting really close, as in he had one arm round me and held my hand in the other.

“Logan? It's true then! Andrea was right! You split up with me for that-that trollop!” Julie screams.

“Really, Julie, what did you expect? She's the love of my life!” Logan raises his eyebrows.

“I was your steady girlfriend for two years and you couldn't stop telling me how much you hated her!” Julie cries.

I shoot Logan a warning look.

“I said I hated her, I did, but I still loved her!” Logan confesses.

I smile at Logan, he smiles back. Julie lunges forward as if to slap him. I stand up, so does Tasha.

“The dynamic duo! How cute?” Julie says in her sarcasm smothered voice.

“That's a big word for someone like you!” I snap.

“Like what?” Julie asks nastily.

“A bimbo! No offense Nicole!” I shout.

The rest are staring at me. I don't have to look I can feel their eyes burning me.

“Um...” Nicole starts.

I don't hear the end. Julie's hand slaps my face. I fall back with shock. My head hits something. Wham! It hurts! And then black!

A/n: What do you think????? What should happen next???
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