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Devil's Advocate

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WOO! AL PACINO CAMEO! ... man, I have bad luck with this chapter. Wonder why.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part THIRTY-FIVE: Devil's Advocate

Gnawing on my lower lip, I contemplated our choices- Leave everyone and ditch the freaky airplane, or stay buckled in and risk becoming just like them. Any other options? We could pretend to have left, and hide somewhere to watch the goings-on, but what if these people actually tried to fly the plane?

Through my peripheral vision, I saw something move in the row behind me. As I focused on it, I found Option C: /Get information/.

"Were you there the whole time?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"What? Who?" Mitchell undid his seatbelt and stood up, leaning over Anthony and following my line of vision to the only moving body visible. He frowned. "It's you-"

"What's going on?" I interrupted, wanting to spare the angry words and get to the point. "What's happened to everyone?"

"I... Can't tell you."

"You weren't supposed to have a key, either."

"No, I really can't tell you- I don't know how to answer those questions." He leaned back into his seat with resignation, looking away. "He doesn't tell me anything. Just what to do."

Mitchell snorted. "And you do it? F-cking whipped!"

"Shut up."

"I'm not like you, stupid," the malice in his voice dripped from each word like venom, "I choose my own actions."

"That's what I'm doing, stupid!"

"Doesn't sound like it!"

"You don't-"

"GUYS!" I yelled, holding up my hands as if to halt the flow of words. "Guys, guys, guys, guys, /guys/! Argue /later/!" I pointed at Kevin. "Answers, now!"

He let out an annoyed sigh. "If I had any answers, I'd've given you some!"

"Then what're you doing here?! Shouldn't you be off doing deeds for your boss guy?" I lowered my voice to a whisper, getting suspicious. "Or are you here because of an errand?"

"I'm here," he replied, his stare strong and unwavering, "because I want to be here. I'm-"

"-Not supposed to be here?" I folded my arms on the seat and rested my chin on them. "That's starting to sound a lot like BS, man."

"Why would I lie about that?"

"Sympathy factor?" I shrugged. "Gain trust and all... You're not being very subtle."

"What the hell!?" He stood up, eyes narrowed. "Why would I give you a key out of that place if I'm trying to kill you?"

"I don't know!" I cried, aggravated. "Maybe that was just part of the plan! Leading me back to the cemetary to die in this thing! Maybe that room had another exit, a safer exit, and so the key to the main door was a distraction! Maybe you're actually, genuinely trying to help!" I put my face in my hands. "Honestly, though, I don't have much faith in that last one."

"Maybe you should! Maybe-!"

"Maybe you're full of sh-t!" Mitchell interjected.

A pair of hands clapped onto my shoulders. I jumped, but, lucky for me, these weren't the sharp hands of those creatures from before. In fact, these were human hands. Warm, living, human hands. Partially, I turned, finding human arms, a human torso, and a human face; complete with human eyes, human nose, and evil-looking smirk.

"Maybe you should follow proper procedure," said this new man, "and buckle your seatbelt." He poke calmly, as though he was just making a suggestion, but his voice made it obvious that it was a command.

Turning fully around, I flattened myself against the seat, not complying, but not openly rebelling, either. I stared up at him, finding him to look like your classic billionaire- tall, regal, and self-confident. Despite all this, he looked like he was fresh from high school, and though he had no claws or horns or scales, there was something definitely inhuman about him.

He pointed at the sign behind him, and repeated himself. I couldn't move my arms- It was like they were heavy strands of hair hanging at my sides.

"Alright, fine..." He leaned forward, bending a little
to get closer to eye level with me, but still making sure I was looking up. "Would you kindly tell me who you were talking to just now?"

"I was..." My mouth was dry. I swallowed. "A- A friend."

"Please, don't skip around the answer." He mock-pouted, bringing his hand toward my neck. In an instant, his nails grew into crimson claws, and I could feel their points grazing my skin. I was afraid to breathe, to gulp, to make any movement that might bring my throat closer to those talons. Would speaking be too much? Closing my eyes, I choked out a name.

"What was that?"

Finding that I was still alive- though very uncomfortable, but then who wouldn't be when you could feel something very, very sharp on your neck- I gained the courage to speak a little louder. Okay, a lot louder. So loud, you could hear me clearly from the farthest row. "An- Anthony J."

The man gave me a pleasant smile, though he still looked more dangerous than ever. "That wasn't so hard, now, was it?" He stood straight and sauntered to the aisle, his gait relaxed and silent. I got on my knees again and took a look at the rows behind me. Kevin's seat was empty, void of any trace of his ever being there. Another row back, and there was Mitchell, staring straight ahead, duct tape covering his mouth.

To his left was Anthony, mouth hanging slightly open, eyes filled with that undeniable fear.

I prayed to God that he wouldn't notice, never once blinking as I watched the man walk into Mitchell's aisle. I began breathing again when he walked past Mitchell without a second look. Slowly, though, I stopped once more. He was standing in front of Anthony for quite some time, and since he was facing away, I had no idea what he was thinking.

Suddenly, like a guillotine blade through a neck, his voice sliced through the silence. "Monyo..."

One of the creatures from before appeared at his side. "W h a t w o u l d y o u l i k e , M a s t e r ? " It said, bowing deeply.

"Bring this one to my cabin."

To my horror, he lifted his flawless hand and pointed at Mitchell.

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